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    Doesn't it kinda bum anyone out that when you get on to play, and there doesn't seem to be very many more than maybe about 20 people playing at a time? Well I kinda had some ideas of what might help to make newer players decide they like the game and want to play more often. Before I mention any of my ideas though, I just want to emphasize that I'm not trying to make any negative comments about the game, I just simply want to help, but I know that there will probably be a handful of people who will still post some rude comments. I just hope not everyone will.....well, here are my ideas:
    -Well for one, I did notice a lot of people play as outriders... ya know, because it makes you harder to hit and you can move faster. Well ya know, newer players won't be able to aim as good, or move as fast if they haven't got the feel for the game yet... so it'll make it harder for them to get kills and stuff if everyone is much harder to hit. (Please don't think that I'm just being a noob because I hate that people are being outriders a lot, that is NOT the case) Do you know what I mean though? I have seen at least 2 people in the past couple of days that kept asking "how do I go fast?"
    -Another thing is, I've noticed a lot that in a public game of capture the flag, there's a lot of people that end up running away from me when I shoot at them, because they only care about grabbing the flag. Don't get me wrong, you do need some people like that in ctf, but it helps more sometimes when you stay back and just simply try to kill enemies trying to return it, instead of EVERYONE just trying to grab the flag. What I mean by this though is those newer players that aren't good at chasing yet, can't just simply "learn to chase" as many people tell me to do when I mention something about it. So the newer players are less likely to get a good first impression of the game. How many of you like to play a game that seems way to hard to play? It doesn't make it seem as fun if it's always too hard.
    -A third thing, would be how there is the private servers on the server list. A good number of times that I get online to play, I simply just can't because the only game that people are in is a private one. I'm assuming this is for like, maybe clans and stuff? So I had no choice but to just not play Legions unless I wanted to fly around by myself, which isn't always fun. If this can happen to me, it can happen to others too, so I'm sure it might have happened to at least one of the newer players maybe once or twice. If they can't find anyone to play with except people in servers they aren't able to get into anyways, then they might not find interest in the game anymore... ya know?
    -Another idea, would be that if people could host their own games, maybe they could set a number of bots to play with. The bots could even have a difficulty setting. This would be ideal for new players, because they could make the bots set to easy to make sure they don't have too tough of a challenge. Also, they would be able to make the rules of that round how they want, so they could explore things how they want, as they want them. I think this would also be an interesting idea for even better players.... maybe they want to practice a certain thing but no one else wants to help them. No problem! Just have one bot in your hosted game and maybe there could be a list of things to tell it to only do. For example, maybe you could set it to "mid air shots only." I'm not a game designer so I don't know how difficult it would be for whoever is working on the game to make that in Legions (nor do I know how much it would cost and if it's affordable) but it was just an idea to consider if possible.

    Well that's all the ideas I have. My biggest fear is that people will just think I'm a babbling idiot that wasted however much time in their life that it took to read all this. Don't take it wrong, I LOVE Legions, I want the game to survive, because I think it can be very fun if you get a good game going. I have noticed a lot of times that if anyone would suggest an idea of what could be wrong, people tend to just act like they are a bad person or whatever. That's not good, because what if someone comes up with a really good idea that COULD work, but yet no one cares and they think the person is just an idiot. If ANYONE makes any sort of rude comment on this post, all they will have done is help prove me right when I say a lot of people just act like the person is an idiot. Really though, it's just friendly ideas that I thought I would share for someone to consider. I was hoping they would possibly help. I would just like to say thank you ahead of time for anyone who reads this and doesn't just leave a rude comment, and maybe actually considers thinking my ideas could be good, or at least telling me what would be wrong with the idea in a nice way instead of just being rude. Thanks for your time (or if you're rude about it, sorry I wasted it)
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    I think mabeline/mabol/maybelline (maybe she's born with it, maybe it's maybelline!) made a post about this somewhere on the forums, that AI (artificial intelligence such as bots) would take too much time to program etc... Also, player hosted servers are currently not yet available if you didn't know by now. I think you may be getting this idea from quake, but quake has, let's say less aspects to account for than legions.
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    Well yes I noticed people can't host servers, that's why I suggested that being something they put on here. I don't even know what quake is so no I didn't get the idea from that. Thank you for at least nicely telling me the flaws with the idea instead of being rude, it is highly appreciated.
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    Not really I just get on with whatever I was doing before hand.

    Unless they're intelligence quotient is sub-65 I'm sure they'll be able to figure out with relative ease that different classes move at different speeds. And if they're intelligence is lacking, through no fault of they're own, then I am very sorry and feel for you. Perhaps Super Mario World or Kirby's Dream Land would be more fitting.

    I don't understand why people do not simply work things out by themselves instead of expecting to be spoon fed everything like a baby. This isn't grade school. Seriously. When I started playing the game back in the IA days I had no idea how to play it. But I soon got the gist of it by experimenting, trial & error, making a fool of myself(which still continues to this day lol) and reading articles on CTF gameplay, such as that famous article by The_Phroo, and watching other players. I didn't winge and leave because I didn't understand it. That's piss-weak. Persistance, determination, the will to succeed is all a person needs. If I can do it on my own than so can everybody else. As Anthony Hopkins explained to Alec Baldwin in the film, 'The Edge';

    "What one man can do, another can do!"

    Yes indeed. No excuses.


    It's mainly a CTF game. Don't expect the regulars to drop everything and dumb-down their gameplay to cater towards the newbloods. It never happened for me or for any other of my old Legions buddies.
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    It's a hard game to begin with. Especially these days when most of the online games are just sit down and start owning. This is why we have: If only new players would actually read forums and search threads like this, because all the game forums are full of helpful threads.

    Anyways, this is not for people who are casualy playing online games(if I were one I'd play singleplayer games or other kind of online games but not FPS games). Maybe a "new players" sub forum would work and then move all the helpful threads over there. Moderate it with iron fist and no trolling allowed. That could be something to start from.
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    Yeah that does sound like a good idea, as long as there's ways to get people to look at the sub forum, then we wouldn't have to worry about how often people ignore the noobs, and get on with their life. Maybe there could be a suggestion somewhere that they could see it in game.... like a hint box or something that tells them about the sub forum.
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    Well honestly at the moment I do not see the problem.

    1. L:O is in beta and it's priority #1 isn't attracting herds of noobs just yet.

    2. L:O is attracting new players, slowly but steadily. Some of them are also becoming really good and stick to the game like most of us here on the forums.

    3. L:O is attracting old players from the IA days too (I met a couple of old friends recently :D), so the old IA population is bound to come back eventually.

    4. This might be argued upon, but if one is to look at the mainstream gaming community nowadays... well, Legions is a game that a lot of people just won't learn to play. Don't blame the game, blame the players. I'm not saying that it has no potential to become popular, it's just that the game isn't for everyone.
    I have yet to read an article/review mentioning that Legions is still in development, because so far everything I've read ended with IA going down. It's not that we have a lot of drop-outs at the moment, there just aren't too many players trying out the game.
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    Just because you say that they will be able to figure out that there's different classes that move at different speeds, doesn't mean anything here. You missed the point, the point was when everyone else uses it, it's hard for them to get any kills. I never said they wouldn't ever be able to figure out what happens when you use other classes.

    You saying that thing about being spoon fed is what I'm talking about, people just ignore the noobs and go on or not care. Just like Dasci said in a reply, it is a harder game to begin with. There is a difference between being spoon fed everything, and simply just nicely asking for help. It may not be the same EXACT thing, but how would you like it if you were back at school and when you raised your hand to ask a question about something you didn't understand, the teacher just simply said "I'm not going to spoon feed you, figure it out yourself." Yeah, you can't say that wouldn't suck. I'm sure you'd probably even be embarrassed.

    Obviously I know that it's mainly a CTF game, that's why I basically said it was part of the problem. People don't have to "drop everything" and dumb-down their gameplay toward the "newbloods." They just don't need to purposely raise up the gameplay when not even needed. Your comment has helped prove me right when I say most people just act like the person who points out ideas is an idiot. I told you that you'd do so in the post. People with your attitude probably don't do so well running a business because they don't realize that if the customer isn't happy, then your business fails. Well same with this game, if people aren't happy with it, then it won't last long.