So I heard people still frequent these forums?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shadowdemonx9, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. shadowdemonx9

    shadowdemonx9 Member

    So interestingly enough, Armageddon spotted me out in a game and told me this place still lives?

    Been awhile, what has everyone been up to?
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  2. Stubbsy

    Stubbsy Contributor

    Ohh, I remember you. You used to mod your server back in the InstantAction days lol

    Still, genuinely wondering how the heck you did it (even though I wouldn't replicate it today), unless you changed the values of files and set them to read only. Or maybe inject code into the engine itself or something
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  3. Jaymyster

    Jaymyster Member

    I'll never stop checking up on the best shooter of all time (imo). I'll hop on hotswap for some duels once in a while too
  4. JedrekPl

    JedrekPl Member

    im here from time to time check whats going on :D