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  1. Hi!

    Hi! Contributor

    I tried giving you guys some outside routes but Jesus lord was this difficult.....I just added some bowls and you guys can workout the routes on your own....although on alpha I was able to add a "back" route


  2. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    Fix frost_pug next ! You can't do worse than the unfinished version that is on there. I would stick with just messing with the backs and giving alpha a second bowl. Change the middle too much and it wont be frost.
  3. Hi!

    Hi! Contributor

    I practically clawed at my brain for 3 hours trying to fix it and now I just want to kill someone :mad::mad:

    That one is much more difficult to fix because if i make major changes on one side the other side gets affected there any way to fix that so it's not mirrored? It would make fixing the map a hell of a lot easier.