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  1. Master Jimboe

    Master Jimboe Member

    I doubt this will go far but I'm just putting it out there. Don't get me wrong I love legions but it can be very easy to get bored with sometimes. It just came to me why this is. Apart from being epic at the game there is no acheivments, nothing to make you feel you've actually gotten somewhere. So if we had ranks there would be something to work towards (The next rank). Also upgradable armour and weapons

    So lets say everyone starts at level 1. With the bare minimum of lowest level armour and weaponry (Even leave us with a chaingun if your feeling cruel). When you level up you will recieve a certain amount of points according to the level you have just achieved. You can use those points to upgrade/buy armour/weapons. Lets say you've just leveled up and it says you have unlocked a piece of equipment, you can now go into the shop buy and equip it if you have enough points. Not every level up will unlock something.

    If your wondering
    the shop will be located at the menu as a 4th button.
    10 experiance per kill.
    The only way you might lose what you have achieved is if you do something you shouldn't.
    Your rank will be displayed somewhere on the main screen and you can see others next to their ping level when paused.

    As I said this probably wont go too far and unless we go bankrupt again ;) i dont think it will be considered.

    Please post any questions :D
  2. achievements are better than experience
    because people can easily earn points as you can see in the Highest CTF score thread
    and this idea was talked about before
  3. Dimitryy

    Dimitryy Member

    i like ranks but its not working with legions. not even on the forum :D
  4. Dobson77

    Dobson77 Private Tester

    I like the idea of the ranking system but i think everybody should get equal armour and weapons

    maybe only get points for kills and caps instead of for returns, this would kinda suck but would solve that problem
  5. Abandoned

    Abandoned Member

    The legions community have never been a fan of unequality in gameplay. Back in IA, you could buy sweet things, but they never altered gameplay.
  6. TriX

    TriX Member

    I think ranks are a pretty cool idea because it shows you and other players how well you've done. But I don't really like that idea of unlockables, it would give certain people with the advantages to other players.
  7. Unknown

    Unknown Private Tester

    Achievements are a better idea than leveling up in a game like this, especially because with the ideas you had in mind the only way to get better is to play more which I am not a fan of and is not what this game is about. To go deeper into it, only getting experience for kills is not a good idea because there are so many other things that people do in this game which benefit them and their teams.
  8. Master Jimboe

    Master Jimboe Member

    Well as i said, i was just putting it out there and i don't really expect it to go far.