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Discussion in 'Modifications' started by 3lionz, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    *New Update and Video!*
    How fast can you cap? Find out!
    (Keep in mind, I suck at capping :p)
    The fancy bit starts at 00:28

    (Go to youtube and full screen)
    Whats New?
    Graphic tasties! Notifications on cap etc. (00:28 on video)
    Saved some space, added transparent background
    Renamed labels to make it more understandable
    Fixed the 0.01 glitch (Thanks Shisk)
    Moved it a bit to the left, ask me if you still have issues.
    FlagTimer V0.7 BETA *New*
    Download HERE!

    Old Versions
    FlagTimer V0.3 BETA
    Download HERE!

    Special thanks to:

    Update Thoughts
    Yellow text in chat, similar to when you get a Mid air
  2. Fixious

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  3. Arch

    Arch Legions Developer

    Nice job!
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  4. SunKissedMan

    SunKissedMan Member

    Good job will try it out
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  5. legions

    legions Member

    what script is the you have the flag sound
  6. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

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  7. Synista

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    You my friend, is what I call a BEAST!
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  8. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Good job again lionz.

    Building nice collection of work :)
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  9. Piggeh

    Piggeh Puzzlemaster

    I haven't downloaded it, but does it only calculate it if it's taken off the flag stand?

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  10. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    Well... If a teammate drops the flag, the timer pauses. If you pick it up the timer continues from where it paused.
    Does that answer your Q? :/
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  11. Piggeh

    Piggeh Puzzlemaster

    Oh that's awesome. So say it takes me like 10 seconds to get back, but I die right before touching it. A teammate picks it up and caps it in 1 second. The teammate sees 11 seconds?
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  12. RedInk

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    Oh sweet! Now i don't have to time with my phone, haha. Very nice 3Lionz :)
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  13. Immanent

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  14. Shisk

    Shisk Member

    It counts every player not only out, so you would also see 11 sec, if I am not mistaken

    For the fix "0.01 Seconds" glitch, just add the FlagTaken if statment in the timer

    PS: nice script, although I completly changed the executing code to arrays
  15. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh Legions Developer

    I requested for this like months ago! :D Win.

    lil' problem:
  16. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    Is it the 0.01 glitch? Or is it cut off, I can't tell from the image.
    As for the 0.01 glitch, it has been noticed and I'm working on it ^^
    P.s. thanks shisk. Please remember its in very early release, any improvements you make are appreciated :3
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  17. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh Legions Developer

    Cut off.
  18. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    Made a custom one for now, but keep an eye out for updates ;)

    Just replace the .cs file, I have moved it slightly further left.
    If you still want to move it, edit this line:
    %this.setHudElementPosition(%index, 825, 10);
    More moves it further right, less moves it left.
    The default is "875"
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  19. Shisk

    Shisk Member

    I noticed that the first argument of the callback function is the flag of the enemy team

    So if you are on alpha and you go capping the beta timer starts / stops, shouldnt it be vica versa ?
  20. 3lionz

    3lionz Legions Developer

    I guess it's down to personal preference.
    Personally, I like to see which flag had been taken, rather than which team you are on.
    I should have that as an option in future.
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