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    I had this up before but I believe I requested it to be taken down since no one was really trying the maps out but now that they've done an update all you have to do is download the map and place it in your missions folder "locationoflegions/legions/game/data/missions/mapname.mis_along_with_its_other_files" or you can create a shortcut to your desktop... easiest way honestly. I'd like for it to be TDM but it doesn't work when I add the line "CTF\tTDM" The reason it's TDM is because there arent really any routes, I mean you can make use of some but it would end up being a bad map for CTF. Can you play CTF on there? Of course......


    Legions 2015-09-07 15-58-01-18.png
    Legions 2015-09-07 15-58-09-11.png
    Legions 2015-09-07 15-58-22-78.png
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    I tried my best to turn it into a CTF map, just download and place the files in your missions folder....lemme know what you guys think
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    Other than the obvious jump pad issues I think it works fairly well in CTF. Decent side routes and easy front routes. Might want to make the towers by the pads either solid or simply remove them.
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    I don't know when Pop will do an update but here's an updated Ridgeline with fixed jumppads and theres kind of an outside route for beta and I added something to make routes easier for alpha in the back :)
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    looking for people who still play the game ...
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    You will occasionally find a small pub on random nights anywhere from 5pm EST - 10pm EST. The only time you are going to get full games these days is pugnight which is Saturday at 8PM EST.
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    To whoever downloads the new version, you must change Ridgeline2.ter to Ridgeline.ter in Ridgeline.mis (line 107). Otherwise the terrain won't load.
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    Been so long since I made/edited a map that I forgot about it. I provided a new download link with the fix.
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