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  1. rok_ed

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    First of all is this game open source?
    I've seen that Torque3D is open sourced.

    If yes where is a Git repo?

    I would love to dedicate some of my free time to make this game run natively on linux , that would be an impressive achievement, since I know there are linux users who would enjoy playing this game ( like myself).

    I would love to promote the gaming industry on linux, because the operating system is free and light, so less headaches for new users, if we can make the game install with this command: "sudo apt-get intall legions-overdrive" or something like that

    If we can't have the source code, why?
  2. Poponfu

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    The engine is not and will not due to legal issues and ownership of the IP. Lots to do with contracts that made this project from IA.
  3. rok_ed

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    Then we as a comunity need to do something, that will benefit the game, even tho it will kill the current game ( or so)...
    Rebuild-it from scratch with all the functionalities and the same feelings , what you think?
    I love this game and I actually want to see it at least like Sauerbraten who at least has a server full at any time.
    I lately play a lot of *Tribes: Ass-End* due to the fact servers are most of times empty...
    Is hard for us not having access to the repo, that would have gave the game a pretty big boost and also a port to Linux and Mac OSX.
    From what I understood the current licensing on this game are detrimental for its existence, correct me if I am wrong.
  4. rok_ed

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    funny that correction for tribes ass end
  5. Fixious

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    More or less, yes. The licensing agreement stated the game could never be monetized or distributed outside of this website, as well as other stipulations I'm sure. Rebuilding the game on a new engine would be great, but getting the right people dedicated - and smart - enough for such a project is the real issue. I'd say we're better off trying to renegotiate with IAC to see if we can loosen the restrictions a bit (they were actually okay with putting the game on Steam and sharing the revenue, but that was declined for other reasons). Might be worth looking into again, if the right people are on board with it.
  6. rok_ed

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    When I get a little time free, I will start planning out to rebuilt the whole game (i know is huge) on Unity3D and share it trough GitHub (make it MIT licensed) , I will do this only because of the passion for the game. I will rebuild all the mechanics of the game. when I will get a playable version ( with maybe blocks as models since I am not a modeller, I do know a little , but that's too little), so yeah , maybe in a month or so I will be back with a git repo :D
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