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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Calimo, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Calimo

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    ...since it was asked to make this into a thread!

    There should be scheduled randomized pugs. Where a group of players who meet up are randomly assigned to different teams. Players ranging from all different skill levels and positions are forced to work together. This would make players work with new people while allowing the more veteran players to get out of their comfort zones of playing.
    This could also potentially show the newer players how to pull off some of the amazing stuff you PUG heroes and heroines can do.

    now... Mighty Legions:Overdrive community... ELABORATE!!!
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    Yes i love this....how about we schedule it to be every or every other friday, saturday, or sunday night? or a combo of weekend nights...i was thinking the weekends in particular because more people are available at those times
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    ^ then don't play in it. simple as that...these pugs actually don't even need to be scheduled, if once in awhile people would just agree to do a random one it would work... scheduling might run into the problem of not enough ppl showing up seeing as how there's not a lot that do normal ones anyway, but i hope it'll be a reality soon
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    Separate server?
  6. I would rather see newblood PUGs like we've had in the past. You don't even know how bad and one sided most of these games would be (I'm basing this off the fact that even miniscule mistakes in competitive games can amount to more than you can imagine, and the fact that PUBs pretty much represent this already and they're one-sided enough).

    That's my two cents. I'm not trying to be a downer, but rather realistic. I'd be happy if you tried this out time after time and it worked. I'm just don't think that'll happen.
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    Newblood pugs would be great! Also I do not believe you're being a downer and I can see the concern about the one sidedness(It is a very valid concern!). I think it would just be interesting to see what could potentially come out of this.

    The main concept I was trying to get at was fairness. Not have people selected based solely on their skill, and to change things up a bit with people's play styles. I believe the core difference between this and a pub would be that... the people who attend would more than likely want to work together, and would be more open about learning how the game is played competitively. It may allow newer players to eventually become more skilled. This would grant a bigger pool to grab players who would be better versed in different positions for either real PUGs or for Clan purposes

    I never believed that this would really attract or be very popular among many of the very committed PUG players (Ucan's post helped push that belief into certainty!). I sorta view this idea as a somewhat more gentle stepping stone between PUBs and PUGs ... or just something else to do to make things a little more interesting.
  8. The thing about newblood PUGs though is that we need newbloods. Lol. Maybe if we schedule one, we'll get more new players out to play.
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    so how to we reach the newer players and this? talk to them in pubs and persuade them to come on TS3 at a set time and date? it'll be a process of getting their attention and getting them into TS3...might be difficult but we could set a date and time and then try and inform them
  10. rock

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    we should always try to balance pugs period.
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    IMO i think there should be a dev or leader to supervise this if it happened. Since it would be randomized, there are possibilities of the certian "Noob Harrasser ". We have all seen it, but anyways with security there will be less likely to have corruption if it came up. maybe have the superviser be afk in the server and have someone poke them if something came up. but rocks idea i agree with, even tho is seems boring we should still balance and get experience/training.
  12. Propkid

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    Also, during those 'randomizations' let's have the PuG servers visible on the server list just to have more rookies in.
    Elitists will hate...