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  1. Ucantry2run

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    Aight a good amount of people know about this already but we're having a pug night on January 20th (Saturday) at 8pm EST. There are a couple of things ya'll need to know so I made this thread as a link. A lot of people have been having problems starting the game. This is due to old legions files. So, before the pug day date (or on), re-download the legions files from the website. That should fix most of the problems that you'll have.

    Other than that I'm contacting some big names LETS GET HYPE LEAVE A POST IF YOU'RE COMING
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  2. GundamExia00

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    hi this is mukbang and i've degenerated beyond human comprehension but i'll be there ': 3
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  3. blabla12

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    I'm in.
  4. yami

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    i'm coming
  5. Sin

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    you might see me there
  6. I'll be there.
  7. Frez

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    Yeah ! I'll be there too !
  8. Ucantry2run

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    Forgot to mention the time, we'll do the same time as last time 8pm EST
  9. Pilotkiwii

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    Let's do it
  10. Fixious

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    I dunno if the patch went through or not, but after downloading you might need to apply this fix to get the menu options working correctly.
  11. Nyjaa

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    im hood along with Aviator
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  12. Accelerate

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    ill be there
  13. Blink

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  14. ill be there but am HO exclusively ty
  15. k e v i n

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    ouuu, so far my schedule looks good for that day. I should be able to make it.
  16. Dragonz11111111

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    I'll be there
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  17. Definitely coming.
  18. HyS Jack

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    This time of the year is hard for me but I will try to make it!
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