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    Application-1 test bester

  2. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Heisenberg.

    *Insert witty picture here*
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    Application-1 test bester

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  4. Fixious

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  5. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

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    Application-1 test bester


    Nah we will be here once a week sitll for some faster paced gameplay. Right?
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  7. tribes

    tribes New Member

    vgv. come gets some.
  8. Accelerate

    Accelerate Private Tester

    I am very disappointed with the amount of people that have been showing up lately. Truly sickening.
  9. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    So long as MA PUGs don't overlap Legions PUGs. Perhaps some rescheduling should be done, either earlier/later, or even a different day.
  10. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    RIP Legions PuG's 2015-2016
  11. Accelerate

    Accelerate Private Tester

    Farewell, Legions. It's been really fun, but as everyone can see, the amount of people showing up to PuGs is getting smaller and smaller every week. I love you all. Good bye.
  12. JimmyJams

    JimmyJams New Member

    I actually don't think it's over yet, but if it is... See you in another life brothers.
  13. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    You know what would really help the number of people coming to pugs.... not coming to pugs

  14. Dacil

    Dacil Member



    honestly it's because I stopped Legions pugs and now there's no longer a reason for an alpha male competition

    jk it's because of all the babies crying .... all ..... the..... TIME
  15. Sin

    Sin Private Tester

    come play Midair you guys and gals ;)
  16. Seems like a bad time to give up on legions. A lot of people are busy with finals/school/work/whatever else people do in June. Summer will (hopefully) bring more people.
  17. yami

    yami Private Tester

    I'll still be here. I'll always be here.
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  18. 57thEnryu

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  19. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester


    Wavy hands woman of perfect health has appeared!
    Like this post before pug night happens and be there tonight or 7 years of misfortune will fall upon you.

    Spread the word!
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  20. Stubbsy

    Stubbsy Contributor

    Is it tonight? If so I may have a few games...