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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ColoredSpades, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. ColoredSpades

    ColoredSpades Member

    I fear there may be something in my hard drive, because as of late, my connection has been horrible on this Desktop, while the other computers have good and normal connections.

    This is the best comp, so I need some suggestions.
  2. Siper

    Siper Private Tester

    Hello! try checking Windows Task Manager- ctrl alt delete is the shortcut to open it. After you open it check program list and processes for anything fishy that might be hogging up your internet connection! programs like utorrent or any other torrent sharing program tend to use up your internet connection.
  3. ColoredSpades

    ColoredSpades Member

    chrome.exe (google chrome) seems to be showing up alot in my processes.
  4. shadowdemonx9

    shadowdemonx9 Member

    Hmm, I would advise checking your startup? See what boots up with your computer. May have something hogging your bandwidth on your computer.