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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Darklord, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Darklord

    Darklord Private Tester

    Hey all, things are finally stable enough and we have enough free time now to actually run a pickup for the first time in many moons! It will be pretty rough around the edges, since most of the GUI functionality to help out such an endeavor will be missing -- we will be connecting directly to an unlisted server since password support isn't in the client yet, and map restarts will have to be done by Greaper or Mabel, but it should be working enough to be played!

    When: 7 eastern time (4pm pacific, 12am london time)
    Where: Assemble in the pickups channel of teamspeak 3, see http://forums.legionsoverdrive.com/threads/official-teamspeak-3-server.198/ for more info on that.
  2. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    Cant wait... hope a lot of people show up !
  3. TheAlchemist

    TheAlchemist Member

    I will be there!
  4. Disci

    Disci Old man

    w00t 2am I'll be there!
  5. A2

    A2 Member

    WOW 3AM. Maybe, I'll try to be there.
  6. BeefThief

    BeefThief Beefy Member

    Sounds like a ton of fun. 'Tis a shame my computer isn't finished yet.
  7. DeadPixel

    DeadPixel Member

    Don't make me jealouse D;
  8. Xzanth

    Xzanth Legions Developer

    Midnight is a small price to pay for a good pick-up. Hopefully there.
  9. Battelstar

    Battelstar Member

    I am in!
  10. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    I might be there too! Count me in!
  11. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    Stealing from starcraft: Hell, its about time.
  12. Daphinicus

    Daphinicus Private Tester

    I'll do my darndest!

    [Edit: CRUD! Can't make it tonight, forgot about a prior engagement. Have an epic evening, folks!]
  13. Buhlitz

    Buhlitz Member

    Hopefully I'll be there to shake off the rust.
  14. U8er

    U8er Member

  15. moronval

    moronval Private Tester

    t-2 hours
  16. Sin

    Sin Private Tester

  17. Darklord

    Darklord Private Tester

    This is starting now. Teams are picked for the first map, but if you want in for map 2, come join Ts3! If we get enough, we may even split into two groups.
  18. Disci

    Disci Old man

    Very good games. I'm done for this night but games are still going on for those who are ready to get owned by the best players there are at the moment. You think you can handle the beating?! Then join up!
  19. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    16 player server?
  20. Tons of fun everyone!