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  1. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    If anyone is interested, I partially created a Player Queue system that was going to be integrated with the Launcher.

    The basic idea is there would be a player queue message (e.g. 3/8 players in queue) shown in the Launcher, and when there are enough players, it would notify you through the Launcher. This way, we could keep the unobtrusive and CPU friendly Launcher app open in the background, and be gently notified when there are enough players. Perhaps it could show a message at the bottom right of the screen like a lot of Windows apps do.

    We could also have a simple webpage located at where you could click a "Join Queue" button. This way, only a browser tab would be kept open rather than the Launcher.

    The server side component is written in Node.js, and the Launcher is written in Python. I don't know how much I can contribute right now, but perhaps someone would like this interesting and useful coding project to work on in their free time.
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  2. yami

    yami Private Tester

    Triad's alive! How's Australia?
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  3. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    Hey Yami! Australia was awesome, I did a lot of backpacking all over and then spent some time in New Zealand and Fiji as well. Beautiful places!

    I'm back now and in job hunt mode in the Austin, TX area. Would love to play some Legions so I may chip away on the player queue feature. Do you think there are still enough players who would be interested?
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  4. loc

    loc #1 Private Tester

    I think we had around 6 on Thursday night. I'm always pokin around checkin servers daily and its pretty slim pickins. I don't know if I'd put the time into doing that, essentially you could have gthe legions server website open and it tells you the player count in the web tab .
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  5. yami

    yami Private Tester

    I think there are people interested in playing it's just a case of reaching them. Discord has been a great tool, I ping the people there when I notice anyone playing, the problem is not many people idle in the discord channel. Not many people want to be the first, second, or third player, but they would join in once other people do
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  6. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    The problem is it sucks having to keep the Legions game running and then having to periodically check to see if there are players and to prevent yourself from being idle kicked. I think a queue would really work cause it requires no effort other than starting the launcher or having a browser tab open, and then being directly notified rather than having to check every few minutes.

    Exactly why I feel like a queue could work, cause nobody has to join the game until there are enough players willing to play, and everyone is notified immediately at the same time when there are enough.
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  7. loc

    loc #1 Private Tester

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  8. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    Yes, but that only shows players in game. The queue would make it possible to show people are ready to play without a single person having to be in the game. I agree adding it to the front page would be ideal, though.
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  9. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Ah, Paralisa. Midair actually has something sorta similar for PUGs. Players 'add up' in the IRC room, and when enough are added the bot alerts players. I think it actually hooks into the game so that when the game is over the queue is wiped and people add up again. There are a few different queues as well; CTF, LT, LT EU, and Arena.
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  10. yami

    yami Private Tester

    discord can also do this easily. the issue is commitment and getting everyone to idle in irc, or idle in discord. and then when i !add up and start the waiting game (and with this game it could be a very long wait) there's a high chance that by the time it pops i will already be engaged in something else.
    you should also let people choose their queue size. i may be down to play with 1 other person but others may only want to play if there's 5 other people
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  11. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    You remembered haha. Yes, I named it after the greatest Legions player of all time, but I was able to make it sound legit:

    Legions Integrated Server Automation (LISA): Maintains one or more queues of players waiting to join a sufficiently full server and auto connects them to a newly spawned server when enough players are available. "Para" refers to the English root which means "beside" or "near". So, we bring players together with para-lisa.

    But yeah, I just named it after paralisa cause the guy was so epic.

    Discord is definitely an option if we could get the word out. Having the queue in the Launcher would probably reach more people, but discord is more realistic.
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  12. GReaper

    GReaper Grumpy

    I've split this discussion from the other thread.

    My personal opinion is that riding an existing chat system is far easier than building a custom client+server given the amount of players still left. A bot which sits on either TS3 or Discord and deals with signups would probably be far less effort for everyone.

    Something similar to a PUG bot, but instead of having to pick captains and pick teams - everyone just piles into a server and has fun.
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  13. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    This exists. Could be useful. Tried messing with it but it's not really my forte. It exists on the Jetball server, so maybe it's as easy as inviting it to the Legions server.

    edit: Updated the link.
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  14. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    I really like the bot idea, definitely worth looking into. I ordered a computer that can play games (my current struggles to play HD YouTube videos), so I will play with this bot when the computer comes in.

    It looks like I can run the bot on my personal Linux server and invite it to a discord channel. I haven't used discord yet since I've been out of the gaming world for a while, but I'm guessing it's pretty straight forward.
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  15. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh Legions Developer

    PARALISA!!! Wow, I did not expect to see this, good work Triad!
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  16. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    I integrated the bot Fixious linked to above. In Discord, players can go to the Legion's "pubs" text channel to start idling in the queue.

    There are two queues you can join: pug or pub.

    To join, type +pug or +pub and the bot will add you to the corresponding queue.
    To leave, type -pug or -pub, or just exit discord and you will be removed automatically.
    Type !who to see who is currently in the queue.
    You can type !cointoss if you are a captain deciding first pick.

    Once there are six players in a queue, everyone will be notified through Discord that there are enough players.

    It has more features, but that should be all we need for now.
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