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  1. HellzHere

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    Alright, yes I know legions was the most popular game on IA etc.

    Me and a couple of the rokkitball guys were talking about how we can save rokkitball. Now a man called Alex Swanson developed it, and hes still around in Torque. Maybe its possible to get the code, idk

    Now if we did get the source code, the rokkitball community aint that good in tech, we dont know how to develop games etc.

    Now I know the legions devs are focusing on legions right now, however may I please ask you very kindly if you could help us the get the code. Now if you get the code, you dont have to release rokkitball immedialty, we dont mind waiting. We just dont want rokkitball to die, we want the code to be in save hands such as yours.

    I mean its an opinion, but rokkitball was the best game on IA, and you must admit it is a one of game, the way it works/plays. There is no game like that.

    Legions,Lore have been saved. Galcon is owned by phil which is up to him what he does. AOA is owned by mad otter, again its up to them what they do. The only big game that has not been saved an the future looks dim is rokkitball. Rokkitball was made my IA, now they have shut down, it might die forever.

    I know all of you are legions fans, and dont care about rokkitball, but think for a second. If there was no group developing legions, and suddenly IA shut down and with it legions. Legions again an amazing game I must admit, but it could had died just like that. I must say, you lot are very lucky to get your game back, please help the rokkitball community save theirs?

    So may I please kindly ask you if you could help us get the code?
  2. 57thEnryu

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    That was a rather fun game, though I never got the hang of it XD It would be nice to get it back.
  3. MJ1284

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    Hellz, you might wanna ask this stuff on IRC, you'll have better chances of reaching the right person faster on IRC rather than asking it on the forum. I'd guess that your best bet would be either Crash or Mabeline.
  4. h2odragon

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    I don't know how to develop games YET, I will develop my first game in a project next year.(I'm a student in Computer Science) =3

    P.S. If the source code is available by then I'd be glad to be any kind of help.
  5. Cauchemar

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    I'd love to see Rokkitball coming back, however...

    I asked BugsPray a few questions...

    Q- How did you get the permission from IA to continue developing and distributing Legions?
    A- We approached IA in May about developing Legions and have worked since then to bring it to a reality. We signed an agreement with IA about 4-5 weeks ago. Three of us have worked at GarageGames/InstantAction either as interns or full-time.

    Q-You guys are game developers? Did you take any classes or did you learn by yourself?
    A- Most of us have professional experience in our respective fields, many of which are not gaming related. I don't believe anyone on the team has taken classes in game design.

    Q- Do you plan on keeping this site only for Legions?
    A- LegionsOverdrive.com will only be for Legions. There will be off-topic sections of the forum where users can talk about other things, but we will not be expanding this site beyond the scope of Legions.

    So... I doubt they will be handing out the source code to anyone, they gave it to the LO team because they were organized and 3 of them already worked for GG/IA, but no RB player ever worked for IA/GG and we have not enough skilled players who would invest such a time.

    Sorry to say, but I think the best game I've ever played will see a dark end...

    BUT, if a miracle was to happen, I'd be ready to help in any way I can.

    It's just a shame most games have either the same game or similar game except Rokkitball. (Galcon has desktop Galcon and Galcon Fusion, MBO has Marble Blast, Lore has Playmech, Ace of Aces has so many look-alikes, Legions got saved, Think Tanks has its own game, I think I named them all... (Zap! wasn't popular)) Rokkitball is a one-of-a-kind game with no past and by the looks of it, no future...

    R.I.P Rokkitball
    (April 17th 2008 - March 2009)
  6. Mahidhar

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    Oh the irony, I still remember some people saying in the IA blog, "Go Crash!!, Go IA!!, Go Rokkit Ball!!, boo and hiss Legions..."

    Anyway, I must agree, Rokkit Ball was one of a kind, and was second best.(my opinion, ofcourse) Hope you will be able to save your game, good luck.
  7. Cauchemar

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    I finally could find a way to contact Alex Swanson, I'll ask him a few questions and post the answers here, anything you want me to ask in particular?
  8. HellzHere

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    Good job cauch, I was about to post on the toqure forums about rokkitball source code lol. Uhhh, to be honest I cant think of anything to ask..

    Anyway cauch, your Q and A post above, I dont need the legions devs to release the RB immediately when they get the code, I dont mind waiting because I know they will be busy on legions, but I just want the code to be in safe hands, dont want RB to die
  9. aus.hsp

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    Hey Hellz!
    I miss Rokkitball too :(
    However, it isn't just the source code the developers need. The would need all the art, etc.
    This can be hard to obtain.
    I can't see Rokkitball coming back in the near future, but let's just pray it does :)
    But awesome post! Can't believe I forgot about RB :(
  10. Vonyx

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    EDIT: Ima try and find this.. "unknown rokkitball like"game .
  11. HellzHere

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    Yea I get you, but to be honest source code is enough for now, that means the game isn't dead
  12. aus.hsp

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