New Game Type Suggestion: Racing.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jickerjacker, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. jickerjacker

    jickerjacker Private Tester

    So me and my friend BlackHawk were just in a game when we started thinking of improvements to L:O. One suggestion that he came up with that we both like was having a sort of racing game type implemented into the game. Where, in bigger maps such as: Mirage, Blade Run, Forgotten, Zenith, Fallout, The Core, and Quarry (If it's returning), you could start at point A from where you would race to Point B, but there would be rings you would have to fly through in order for you to get there and win. But in Smaller maps such as: Frosty, Nivo, and MoonShine, you could sort of have a rabbit route going around the map and then have it as 1/3 laps or something (you would also have to fly through rings). I sort of rushed this Forum Post so if anything is worded awkwardly that you don't understand, sorry, and also, this idea could use some improvements and i know that the "Laps" idea might come across to some people as just helping people Rabbit in normal CTF games so any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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  2. Mhi200

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    I like the general idea, but the rings would sort of make it that only one route can be followed, wouldn't they? Perhaps if there were multiple rings near one spot, and you only have to go through one, or maybe if the race was done as points (based off time) and each ring gave a point bonus, with more bonus for rings over harder routes? (With different routes being similar/having similar lengths)
  3. jickerjacker

    jickerjacker Private Tester

    I understand what you're saying, but I'm just having a hard time imagining it haha, but I take it that what you mean is that you'd have different options of which route to go on and then some routes would be worth more points then others if completed, based on the difficulty of the route.
  4. Mots0311

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    How about this, two players start at same base on map and the flag gets dropped somewhere on the other side of base. Ready, set , go. Both players (or more) tear off after the flag, first one that gets flag wins.
  5. jickerjacker

    jickerjacker Private Tester

    This could work but I'd guess they'd all have to start off at one point and then go left, center or right, to choose which route to go on, although I'm inclined to believe that most people would just pick the hardest route so they could get the most points if completed. Then again, what if someone got the same amount of points as someone else after time expired. There would have to be another factor involved because if 2 people completed the same route then they'd have the same amount of points. Wait- there would be a 1st 2nd and 3rd so i guess that could work. Although someone on an easier route could finish before someone going on a harder route. Ugh- My mind is blown. Suggestions Please.:confused:

    but then there would be 2 player lobbies, that wouldnt be much fun because I know if I saw Omni.Nept or someone in a 1/2 lobby I wouldn't wanna go up against him.:eek:. Needless to say that could work but it wouldn't have so much originality, it would just be like you and a teammate going after a dropped flag in CTF and the game's would be over quick.
  6. Mhi200

    Mhi200 Member

    What I meant was, the two (or more) routes should take the same time to complete (on a perfect run), but one is more difficult, and so worth more bonus points. Points are also gained based on speed (Or perhaps every second longer than whoever finished first loses you a point?) This way it isn't only about coming first.
  7. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Remove weapons and it might be fun. Otherwise, people won't race. Just shoot one another till the point of annoyance.

    Something like this might be fun.
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  8. jickerjacker

    jickerjacker Private Tester

    @Mhi200- Great idea, rings or no rings, sounds pretty solid since it would eliminate the 100% of a win if you just got first, but at the same time, still give the 2nd, 3rd place person of chance if they fell behind.
    @Fixious- Don't know how no one saw that but thank god you did see it, I can imagine the game mode becoming extremely annoying if you just got shot and killed everytime you started a route. And btw something like the video could work, as long we implement something to ski down off of so that were not just strolling around at 50mph and slowly getting faster throughout the course.
    P.S.-Would crater damage be allowed or would it make a difference?
  9. 57thRomance

    57thRomance Member

    Speed panels and ramps?
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  10. Mhi200

    Mhi200 Member

    No killing each other of course, but RJing yourself (or others:p) might be interesting. (Where probably only your own RL could damage you, or only fall damage occurred, but was magnified)

    Edit: Or, even better, above post.
  11. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    The rolling start is something I thought about as well. Instant OD at start could work. Or possibly constant OD. That'd be...interesting.
  12. jickerjacker

    jickerjacker Private Tester

    yeah but then again, if rocket jumping was taken out and you were left with no weapons, it would help people improve their skiing, instead of going down one hill and then rocket jumping half the map (exaggeration;)).

    haha constant OD would be cool especially if there was an air course where you could just OD through the air through ring after ring, there would have to be unlimited health I'm guessing but that would be very interesting since maybe you could use the OD to sabotage others, which may or may not be a good thing.

    @Romance-Speed ramps would be great especially if put on the crest of a hill or something near that, but that could definetely work :D
  13. Mhi200

    Mhi200 Member

    I recall reading something about an constant OD game type that was played...
  14. Gravis

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  15. Immanent

    Immanent Member

    Constant OD will make skiing redudant.
  16. Mahidhar

    Mahidhar Member

    A normal track, with constant OD would be boring. A more interesting thing would be a map with loads of traps, maze areas, collapsing walls. etc. Then, I think it would a challenge for the racer in constant OD, to get past all that.

    Also, instead of weapons, we could just have one time-usable items, like shields, homing missiles etc I'm thinking Blur here.
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  17. LumpySausage

    LumpySausage Member

    And we could put in relay.Where people are placed into groups/teams where each team would have like... 3-4 people in each team and then when the race starts the people on the front line reach their flag and bring it to the next runner and so on. There would be different flags for each team. That would be fun
  18. tiagoasd

    tiagoasd New Member

    Man i was just think about this, what i sugest is a team race, like atletism, which each player at one momente has to pass the rod to another to continue the route.
  19. Voltage

    Voltage Puzzlemaster

    There was something like this back in InstantAction, there was a FE: Legions application on Facebook. You could do time trials, challenge friends and whatnot.

    I doubt its going to be created for Legions: Overdrive thou, as this is not a browser game.
  20. Desty778

    Desty778 New Member

    what if a race from point A to point B and you can choose whatever route you want...or make a map with only 1 route....