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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Tomstoiler, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Partehs hard with Tomstoiler, next time I will drum! \m/
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    Nice stuff. Refreshing to see that people at this age can still play something that's not Metalcore etc. ;)
  4. Synista

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    Not a fan of rock, but I really liked this ;D I liked the instrumental the most and I was surprised when I heard it was in English!
    Nice one, wish you and your band all the bet in the future :)
  5. Battelstar

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    Oh god, I've played with an upcoming rockstar in the same team!!!


    I really loved it, the other ones were very good, too. I hope that I'll see you someday live ;)

    (Wo tretet ihr denn so auf? Olympiastadion auch? :D Pm mich mal bitte wo und wann, oder schreibs hier rein, würd mich freuen :) )

    Yes, that's german!
  6. A2

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    Awesome! Seriously! Wait who be you?
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    Me likes.
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    Der Auftritt war in Stuttgart im LKA Longhorn, vllt spielen wir in naher Zukunft in Mössingen ;)

    Guess, who may be me ;)
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    drum guy or the one at the left site ...
  11. should start to make signed CDs specially for us :p
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  12. A2

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    I'm guessing the Drum guy.
  13. Tomstoiler

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    drum guy is correct, i guess the shipping cost for the CD would be quite high, you better watch it on youtube ;)
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    *chocolate cookies* tier crowd but good concert