Midair Kickstarter is LIVE

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    The game is really, really good. If you like Legions, you will like Midair. A number of the testers are people you know from Legions -- myself, Sin, Nil, Fire, and the core development team are all ex-legions players/developers -- Mabel, Bugs, Stealth, etc.

    It plays differently than Legions, more like T1 and T2c, but the core concepts are all the same.

    If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them, and I encourage everyone to back it -- this is really the next step in the genre.
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    TFW When you can't afford instant access

    I was planning on putting in ~100 dollars no matter what in appreciation for them bringing legions back, went in for the 110 dollar tier, although that tier kinda sucks compared to $75.

    nearly $10,000 dollars in an hour though, less actually since I think it had a late start. Not Bad!

    Edit: Still have a month to raise the funds to upgrade to instant action backer at 175, which is well worth it looking at the time table they released. ~9 months if you miss out
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    Its super smooth. I'd back it up if I were you
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    I'd be interested if there were more movement options. FPS-Z games typically include the "z-axis" at the expense of another, and Midair looks to be no exception. Yeah, great - you can float upwards. But now you can't move along the x- and y-axes. Makes for very dull dm'ing. And although skiing incorporates two axes - say, x and z - it largely preempts the third.

    That being said, I hope the game succeeds. Unfortunately, I can't handle anything slower than Legions and its relatively rapid directional shifts.

    *Edit* I did my part!
    [09:13] <Nept> oh
    [09:13] <Nept> just in case anyone here DOES like tribes
    [09:14] <Nept> there's a kickstarter up for a new fps-z game
    [09:14] <Nept> https://www.playmidair.com/
    [09:14] <@Laila> Title: Midair | by Archetype Studios (at www.playmidair.com)
    [09:14] <Nept> I hate to advertise a tribes game, but some old legions players on the dev team
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