Marble blast is back in action boys!

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  3. It's so pleasing to me seeing games from instantaction come back one after another.
    I hope for something similar for Legions too, I know whats the situation but just saying.
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    One after another? What were some of the others?
  5. Well, the first game of instantaction which I had seen come back is Legions despite the fact that it has not the popularity that was expected.
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    Nice! All we need now is Rokkitball :)
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    A few games sort of came back, one way or another.

    Galcon got a sequel, for instance (here).
    Zap! got a spiritual successor known as BitFighter.
    Lore: Dark Horizons is a sequel to Lore: Aftermath.
    ThinkTanks can be purchased and played for $7 here. There's a relatively active community for the game here.
    No idea what's going on with the Ace of Aces / Red Baron thing. Last I heard Damon Slye still wants to make it. They released a classic pack on Steam, but doesn't include the InstantAction game.
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