Map Concept: Light House

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by curser656, Aug 14, 2011.

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    So after seeing the Rip Tide suggestion, I wanted to try out the water concept with something else. This is kind of based on Rip Tide but I deviated a lot from my original plan.

    Key Features:
    -The lighthouses mark each base.
    -The bases are across a lake from each other.
    -Water is not going to be dynamic, it's a static water concept where there is a layer with a water texture at 50% [this can change based on how it will look] and you can go through it unless your thrusters/boosters idk what to call them are on.
    -There will be jagged rocks coming out of the lake, this will act as the terrain.
  2. WildFire

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    Nice picture, but alas, water still isn't possible in the current engine that legions runs on, even if it was static I believe.
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    A map with water would be nice though. It's the only element missing in Legions.