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    This project of mine came back to life in a big way. It was all working before except for the camera(kinda important in any demo camera system >->) and been sitting dormant. I hired a ringer though to do some serious math for us as the last step needed and its working pretty good now! I expect to release it.

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    This is awesome!
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    Very good work.
    Bravo! :)
  4. Poponfu

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    more tests.. tight in LO or return type fight this time

    you can chalk up the the part where it loses me after the rocket hit until I warp to bad cameraship >.>
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    I'm gonna play the part of the annoying gamer....

    Spacebar should be play/pause then speed up be "+" and slow down is "-"? Feel like it would be easier to use....unless spacebar brings you back in the game?
  7. Poponfu

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    You are using + , F9, f10, f7 and f8 lots, pretty much the entire time unless you really screw the path up. Its nice having them close together. I guess 0 can be play/pause and +/- for speedup and slowdown for logic's sake though >->

    edit:updated image
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    Well that control scheme would be a nightmare for me to use with a 60% board. Are these rebindable?
  9. Poponfu

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    Yeah, in a file.

    ^ I really think we need to do something about names before this is finished :(
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  10. Fixious

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    Player names in LODC (finally!)

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    Hotswap test for LODC is up. Next pug night you guys will use a separate exe so we can test on that build/server. If all goes well, I will use the best moment in said pug demos to make a tutorial on this thing and release it!

    Do not bother connecting if you have not been given the testing exe.
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  12. Poponfu

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    I stumbled upon something today to give us seek(forward) capability during a demo playback. It was there the whole time, just never exposed for use in scripts or used in this way ._. Well.. better to have it now then never!

    \o/ Gone are the days of laggy and lengthy fast forwarding to get to a moment. Set a demo bookmark during game now and instantly seek back to 20 seconds before that moment when viewing the demo of the game.
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  13. Poponfu

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    Huston, we have a very hacky rewind ! I messed up the recording and sound is just a tad off.

    (almost)instant seek to bookmarks and moves, does not matter if they are behind you in the demo any more.
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  15. Poponfu

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    I got the preview path working again today. I added in something new to it: It colors it self from black to glowing green depending how fast the camera is moving. This is super useful for quickly editing once you get to know this thing.

  16. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    I made this quick test from last nights pugs. Were some great games.. stygian 2016, neverforget

    There a few bugs that popped up with a real game's length. Nothing big though, I am still going to try to release it by tonight. If not, Monday.
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    I don't know why I love Tyler missing that catch after that epic chain moment so much xD
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