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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xzanth, Jul 5, 2016.

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    With PUG nights having all but stopped and the player base dropping off, I thought the time was right for making something I've wanted to make for a while, a video for Legions a la Legacy or BOTB, hopefully with plays from anyone and everyone. If anyone has been recording demos (check your 'game\legions\data\recordings' folder in your game location to see if you have) then please upload them.

    Don't bother sorting or trying to organise them if you haven't already. I am working on a script that will go through and try and find the best demos and bookmark them. Just get them all together and upload.

    If you have been recording demos for a while this folder could be quite big (e.g. mine is 12GB) which could be too big for most upload sites, I recommend putting the entire recordings folder in a zip/tar file and uploading that to http://mega.nz which has a max total upload size of 50GB. Unless you don't have many files or have super fast internet this upload will take a while so I recommend starting and leaving it running overnight.

    Anyone who has read, please point any other players who might have demos worth uploading to the thread as the more demos we get, the better the video will be.
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    Legions is just taking a break for the holiday. In 2 weeks it will be back. You'll see.

    But I am excited to see how this comes out. I have never taken demos unfortunately.
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    don't have any :(
  5. yami

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    What's your idea for the automated highlight script?
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    LOL can you let this game die already
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  8. TylerMarket

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    That's the point of this post... to give the game a good send off

    I'll upload mine if i have any on my other computer but there's none on my current one
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    I have tons of T1 recs saved.
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  12. TylerMarket

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    I will have a couple maps from last night to give you when i get a chance
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    What program can you use to view demos outside of legions? I am using VLC and it is not working
  15. There is no other way than opening them with legions. The demo files are .rec files, which are also used by certain video recorders which makes VLC (and some other media players) think it can read them, but it can't.
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    I'll put my stuff on soon
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