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    Hey guys! i've decided to do an application that checks the number of players in the server that you've selected via options. It's based on http://ls.xzanth.com. Special thx to Dabbleh.

    EDIT : INSTALL THIS BEFORE http://ls.xzanth.com/install.html

    [​IMG] its ~150px / 40px :p and you can move it where u want

    Main form's features:
    1. Hold ur mouse click on the form to drag it where u want. (hold-and-drag)
    2. Click on the label/button nbPlayers/maxPlayers to join the selected server.
    3. Click on the other label/button to open the options...

    select your legions.exe path manually using the "..." button or let the other button auto-find do it for you :) NOTE: if you have legions.exe more than 1 times on ur Hard disk drive (C) then you can select it because its a combobox... I spent some hours on this but i never used it... ****!

    1. You can select the server than you want to play/ know number of current players on...
    2. Set the main form' opacity
    3. And set the reload interval in seconds (should be more than 30...)

    Tip: place it in your startup folder
    It loads http://ls.xzanth.com in background every 30 seconds but it shouldn't leech your internet soo much :p

    .NET 4.5
    Internet connection
    and the HtmlAgilityPack.dll located with this application

    Download bellow the Application or you can also download the Visual Studio 2013 Solution c# if you're curious... but it's not commented at all!
    I'll redo it lol...

    Feel free to reply comments/bugs/crashes/whatever ;)
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