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    Hello guys! Have you ever opened your legions client serveral times just to look if some people were playing? Well I was doing it too often before... I already knew this http://ls.xzanth.com but I never really loved it (Sorry Dabbleh and Xzanth)
    Then I've decided to do an application that checks the number of players of a server like this website. Special thx to Dabbleh for his pyphon scripts.

    Here's how it looks. the main application is the one at the bottom right that can be moved where ever u want and the other one is where you set your simple settings.

    1. Hold ur left mouse click at the left of the application to drag it where u want. (hold-and-drag) Here I'm talking about the left part of the application that isn't buttons.
    2. Click on the button nbPlayers/maxPlayers to join the selected server.
    3. Click on the last button to open the options...
    In the options...
    4. You can select the server than you want to play/ get informations
    5. You can set the main mini-application opacity
    6. You can also set the reload interval in seconds (more than 30 and less than 120)
    After all configurations
    7. you'll notice that when the current number of players in the selected server, the application will change of color to be even more atractive (red = 0, yellow > 0, green > 6)

    You must Install this before http://ls.xzanth.com/install.html
    .NET 4.5
    Internet connection
    (everything about python comes with the installer and it's compiled by IronPython)

    Download the installer of this application. zip or exe download here
    It seems that the file was too big to be uploaded here... (5 mo)
    this doesnt content crap... I can make it source open if someone wants...

    Install notes
    Run the setup.exe and lauch the application after
    by default, it will install in your ProgramFilesDataDir
    and it'll create a Setting.txt in appdata/legionserverchecker

    When you open up this application for the first time, go to the options (right button), select your sever, the opacity you want it to be and the delay in second between every queries sent to the server. After it Enjoy!

    #Tip: place a shortcut in your startup folder

    Feel free to reply comments/bugs/crashes/whatever ;)
    Note : it will probably crash if you're internet connection closes.
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    What's wrong with it? :(
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    Lol it's me :) it's easier to just look @the right corner than loading your website

    Edit: well that's how I feel it
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    If its easier for you, it dose not mean that we feel the same. Nonetheless go ahead man, good luck! :D
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    possible but I think it could be a way to get some players quickly on the US server... and It's still just a sugestion, who said that you must feel the same as me ? :p
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    Haha i've just found it on the L:O Facebook page

    "Wanna see how many players are there in game, but you're too lazy to start up the game?

    Problem solved.