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    I thought this thread was bound to come one day, so I finally brought it upon myself to make a legions meme thread to finally expose much of the hilarity we all experience in in-game legions.

    I've made a few myself to start off the thread! Enjoy! I look forward to your posts already :D



    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like for Justice
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------V V V V V V V V
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    I give u a like for effort.
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    I remember that thread back on IA! Got any more?
  7. Sin

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  9. Arch

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    only this one :/
  11. Sin

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    Martin Luther Crab Jr. will have something to say about this for sure! THE CRAB PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR DISCRIMINATION!
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    This is rather fun :c
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    Even worse:
    Pass me the flag!
    Pass me the flag!
    Pass me the flag!
    Pass me the flag!
    *passes flag to player*
    *player instantly dies with flag*
    *flag gets returned*
    Why didn't you pass me the flag sooner?
  18. Helvian

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    Yeah...it barely counts.
  19. WildFire

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    Really isn't accurate :/
  20. Helvian

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    So should I have put everything except Frost on the far left side?

    That was my original intention...
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