Laptops for Legions

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mots0311, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Mots0311

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    I'm looking to buy a laptop and I'm interested what's the best setup for a game like Legions. I can't spend more than $1000 bucks so forget those really high end ones. Any suggestions?
  2. Fixious

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  3. 57thEnryu

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    there a Alienware for like $750 that's supposed to be really good. Try that.
  4. Ucantry2run

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    I would build a desktop instead of a laptop. I know a good set for $1000 that will run games amazingly. PM me if you want some help.

    I'll look for some laptops too...
  5. SeymourGore

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    This one's not bad. With that said, almost anything modern with a dedicated GPU should be fine. Try to avoid netbooks, though.

    I'm thinking there's a specific reason why you want a laptop (portability, lack of space, etc), but Ucan's right. If you're on a tight budget, desktop is the way to go.
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  7. havocblitz

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    Buy alienware M15 its good for legions. :D
    i gonna buy it soon :D
  8. DeadGuy

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    I too, would recommend getting a desktop unless you absolutely need a portable device.
  9. I recently bought a $1000 desktop and a cheap $400 laptop for school. Works out well.
  10. LindN

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    alienware is at the best a huge waste of cash.

    take for example:

    and compare it to say, this:

    you get:
    the same processor
    the same amount of RAM
    the same harddrive
    nvidia graphics card that performs equal to 5850 (plus never having to use ati drivers again <3 )

    that for 320$ less than the alienware computer.

    but if you want even better graphics, take this one:

    same *chocolate cookies* you get as stated above but with a 5870, which of course is better than a 5850.

    for 70$ less.
  11. stefygraff

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    Laptops don't occupy that much space and are more economical. But when it comes to games, Laptops lose in the favor of PC's.
    ACER Aspire 5735Z is what i have and it work's, not brilliant but it work's...
  12. Daphinicus

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    I used to own an Alienware laptop. I will never, EVER own an Alienware product ever again. I was appalled by their service (but then, it's Dell, so what was I thinking?), burnt by their prices, singed by their overheating components, and disgusted that I couldn't play anything without the whole system shutting down from overheating. I'm sure they've gotten a lot better by now as far as components go, but when it comes to service, Dell is not to be trusted.

    I have, on the other hand, found TREMENDOUS success with ASUS's line of gaming laptops. I build my systems, but my sister's gotten an ASUS gaming laptop twice now, and we've been phenomenally pleased. Hitting the sub-$1K price point and still getting an exceedingly entertaining, top-quality system was a simple affair.
  13. A2

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    Those who are going for an alienware...your screwed.
    I'm trying to get hold of an Origin lappy soon.
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    Asus U52F-BBL9

    Just google it, or go to
  17. havocblitz

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    i thought alienware is the best gaming laptop ever.
    i gonna buy a new laptop soon so can someone tell me about any good gaming laptop?
  18. SeymourGore

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    That's a decent processor for that price. My biggest concern with it would be the lack of a dedicated GPU.

    Ahoy hoy, y'should list what kind of budget you can afford.
  19. Daphinicus

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    /me points to the posts above about ASUS systems.

    /me revels in the use of /me in a non-IRC setting.

    /me bobs his eyebrows semi-maniacally.
  20. havocblitz

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    Worst graphic card.