Jan 14 Legions play date, 7:00pm EST

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yami, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    Don't go on the forums enough, whoops. I think ya'll are trying to revive things too early. Give it some time like before, people are still burned out from all the Zenith.
  2. yami

    yami Private Tester

    Sincere thanks to everyone who showed up. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Despite Legions' shortcomings that we all know about, it definitely has something special that makes it worth dusting off every once in a while.

    Here are some highlights:

    First game, 15 people!!

    CaptainTea's over time winning return
    [​IMG] https://gfycat.com/HandmadeJollyArrowcrab

    Lucky shot in Niv

    [​IMG] https://gfycat.com/FlatIllegalGourami
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  3. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    aw damn, next time ill be there, please make more events like this!
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  4. Xzanth

    Xzanth Legions Developer

    First game was fun, sad to hear 2nd wasn't as good.
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  5. yami

    yami Private Tester

    I recorded both games if anybody cares to watch.

    Game 1: Frost (no TS audio)

    Game 2: Niv (TS audio from alpha team)
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  6. tree

    tree Member

    That captaintea dood gud. I enjoyed both games thoroughly, but something tells me that is to do with the low ping I had.. Thanks for setting it up yami!
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  7. Nyjaa

    Nyjaa New Member

    when is the next pug?
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  8. yami

    yami Private Tester

    I would encourage you to plan it. I am an admin of the Steam group now so I can help you put an announcement on there. I would caution you that at least half of the people at the last one shared the sentiment that they either never want to play again or not for a while. That being said, between the half that did enjoy it and those who missed it, you should be able to get at least a dozen people. The trick is reaching out, not many people check this forum, and several don't have Steam or don't pay attention to the Legions group.
  9. Frez

    Frez Member

    So you did play in nivosus after such a long time ? You guys are interesting.
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  10. Lafirin

    Lafirin New Member

    lets get the community back again guys!