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  1. DemonSoul

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    I'd like to get on the legions irc channel on my phone, and doing that in the browsers causes it to be disconnected after moving away from the app.
    I downloaded an app on my phone called andchat, but it's asking me for all sorts of stuff, like servers and ports. It doesnt ask for such stuff on regular irc.
    Can someone help me out here please. Is there a better app than andchat? And how do I get all those details?
  2. WildFire

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    *points at Fissurez & 3lionz to answer about good irc apps*

    As for the server, create a new one (probably a choice somewhere) type '' into it. For the port it is 6667.
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  3. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh Legions Developer

    AndroIRC. Nice and simple, no adverts.
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  4. 3lionz

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    Well first we need to know what phone you have... I am going to ASSUME it's an android. (Because android is best.)

    I personally use yaaic, but I am thinking of switching (fissurez mentioned a new one with features like in app logging etc.)

    As for andchat, this is what I did when I installed it:
    Set my nicks... the extra ones are if someone has either taken your name or you disconnect/reconnect after a ping timeout. Not that I would know. *cough*
    Add my username realname etc. and enabled logs.

    I did accept the "servers to get started" but they were not really useful to me (EFnet, Andchat, freenode, <someotherserverIforget>)

    I then clicked the little plus (+) button at the top to add a server. (In this case, will be adding quakenet server, the one for the various legions channels).

    The name can be anything, but for simplicity name it Quakenet.
    The address is the server you connect to. As wild said may be a good option. (To see your best option, look at

    As for port, it is optional to fill out, but I fill it out as 6667 anyway, just in case.

    As for ssl, I guess that is up to you.

    Autojoin is what channels are joined on startup.
    (So if you want to join #legions and on startup you would type: #legions,

    Autorun is what commands are run when you join, such as authenticating with Q.

    There is no password and leave the encoding as is.

    Tell me if you hit any issues!
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  5. Fissurez

    Fissurez Puzzlemaster

    second this for android.

    for iOS i suggest mango chat (or whatever it's called)
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  6. Voltage

    Voltage Puzzlemaster

    gg, thanks to you I got it on my phone now as well.
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  7. DemonSoul

    DemonSoul New Member

    Thank you guys
  8. Fissurez

    Fissurez Puzzlemaster

    useful androIRC tips:

    menu button>options>options [logging section, allows custom folder locations]

    Custom IRC commands:
    menu button>options>servers>[server]>edit>Custom irc commands (at bottom of list)
    e.g. /join #channel password

    autojoin passworded channels:
    menu button>options>channels>server>channel>edit>Key

    Autojoin after kick
    menu button>options>IRC
  9. Dino

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    i use chatmosphere