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    Greetings all,

    First of, geocaching is a global treasure hunt using gps. BUT they do allow for "virtual caches" (they dont mean it the way i do). There are also things called "travel bugs" that you can track around the world through geocaching.

    Now to my suggestion. Would the devs be willing to add a small seven digit code somwhere in one or more of the maps (like on a wall, or under a bridge)? Then I (or anyone) can create a virtual geocahce that would have a link to The person trying to log the cache would need to download the game and play to find the code.

    I have posted on the geocaching forums about this too, to see what people think about it. Please feel free to add suggestion or criticism onto this as needed.

    P.S. This would drum up some new players as well as be a one-of-a-kind geocache.
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    While not fully understanding the idea, I do remember GReaper talking about how he has a 'geocache' in his backyard, and how it brings in a steady collection of 'specimens' for his various projects and experiments.
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    *retreats back into cave*
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    I am not 100% sure but I think Geocaching is called "Dogging" in the UK. GReaper can you confirm?
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    Can confirm, happens a lot in Birmingham.
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    One good reason to visit.
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    Im not quite sure I understand what you said either.....but it seems like what GReaper calls "geocaching' is not what I understand it to be.
    This is what im referring to: