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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mausgang, Jan 25, 2011.

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    This particular game mode would require a new map, or a modification of Blade Run, though a map larger than Blade Run would be preferable. Basic scoring would be like standard CTF, but there would be midpoint bases to capture. These would be smaller, like sniper towers with a larger platform partway up. Once I get my hands on some isometric graph paper, I should be able to draw what I'm talking about.
    In order to take the midpoint bases, a team needs to have players in a radius of effect, without any enemy players inside the radius. Once there are enemies inside, progress towards capturing the base is halted until only one team has the base occupied. One a team has a base under there control, there will be a large glowing ball glowing green if its a friendly base, red if its an enemy base, so like the jet streams. The team that controls the base will have various bonuses, like a spawnpoint closer to the enemy base, vehicles (if they get introduced, this is a game mode that would benefit from some vehicles), and possibly to really increase incentive, a teleporter that will take anybody very close to the home base, including carriers. This creates a large incentive to maintain control over midpoint bases closer to one's own base.
    In order to take away control of an enemy base, the glowing ball over the midpoint base needs to be destroyed. This is where having vehicles will help with the game.
    So, questions, comments, concerns and other ideas?
  2. Problem with legions, are the high speeds, so enemies could easily get into the radius without being killed.
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    Yeah, you're talking about a combination of CTF and C&H, which, quite frankly, ain't a bad idea at all. Once we have things like inventory stations and other base assets implemented (I'd dig some automated turrets myself), it could, in fact, be pretty darned workable.

    The only thing I'd shoot down right off the bat is having forward spawn points at the capturable bases. A teleporter to instantly travel from your base into the field and back makes plenty of sense, but we don't want folks to have to worry where they'll appear when they suicide. And spawn-picking isn't really an option; it just slows down gameplay too much for a game like Legions.

    Other than that, though, good thoughts!
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    Thanks for the input, I know I'm taking a while to get back to you on this, but perhaps in the few seconds that we have between lives, a map of the map shows up and has green points where all the capturable bases are, red points where the enemy cap. bases are, and then yellow or flashing points where contested bases are. You can click on a base that is steady green, and spawn there. That's the method used in UT for onslaught/warfare, which is where I got the idea.

    This way, while perhaps not having enough time, there is some time to make an informed and tactical decision on where to spawn depending on your role. Obviously a game like this would need larger teams with a few added positions (The usual CTF set as well as base capturers, cap-base defenders, etc.)
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    ooo i like this! maybe you can incorporate, uh forget his name, but he had an idea of "buffers" but instead of everyone having a buffer maybe we can incorporate just one....for members of a team to having the ability to repair the "glowing ball" like an engineer
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    This would require HUGE maps/ lots of players.

    +1 , but:
    Unsure about that part. Sounds like an easy thing to do by solely spamming rockets/vehicle fire from far away.

    IMO a better idea would be having 'bomb-sets' that you can pick up from your home base's inventory stations. The amount of bomb-sets available to players= number of enemy-owned bases. Basically you get the bomb into the enemy held base, plant it and defend it until it explodes. Sounds familiar? :]
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    Actually, Capture & Hold wouldn't be bad idea at all. I rarely got to play it on Tribes 1 but I think it has fairly good chances of being fun game mode (assuming one team doesn't fully consist of Omni's *cough*), it would be sort of like TDM but with objectives other than "kill stuff with red arrows".
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    CTF+CH could quite easily work in Fallout, considering the middle base...thingy.
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    I would image that to be pretty fun. Fallout would be a nice size actually.
  11. +1 for me <3 the idea fun and competitive :cool:
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    Heh, this might be a good idea. Could be fun :)

    Fallout and Blade Run would be a good map pick for this mode.
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    Yeah, I did have blade run in mind due to the size and the vast number of buildings. Zenith could almost work. I just saw a bit of fallout from the Overlive stream, but not enough to know if it would work, so I'll just take you guys at your word. I can't wait to be able to play it, though.
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    There are a few gameplay videos that might help.
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