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    Quit being dumb. Back on topic.
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    ok, here's another abstract though... could this be a youtube video?

    Youtube videos can have eleven-character references... the first five could be pg258

    Next comes the text representation of x, which is, at the moment 'QRy'

    Then the 103...

    Gives an eleven digit of pg258QRy103. There is no video there, and I tried 'adding one' to make it pg258QRy104 but no joy there either. Just pissed off at this now and trying to help jog some ideas about weird possibilities :p

    EDIT: I'm thinking along these linentific papers that are 258 pages long, and (as shown by the copy of the paper of Pavlov's linked) there will be different page numbers vs. PDF page numbers, and different page referencing in differs because 'page 258' makes no sense as a) there aren't many things available online other than scieent versions/editions of books and papers, so it's almost impossible to guarantee any consistency of relevant info.

    Sorry for going on, and being trés random :(

    EDIT #2: Does anyone know who put the 'Boom, head shot' on the Google sheet at the hex translation of the numbers (03 87 98 75 67)? Which in turn translates back to"WbKC"... :shrug:
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    I think that we have put it all together the wrong way...
    Must be another way to look at this...
  5. Dabbleh

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    RIGHT. We friggin solved it. Jeez. That was harder than it should be.
    Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

    01110000 01100111 # 100000010
    So the first bit was relatively simple, just translate from binary into text to pg#258. (This will be used later).

    x is A thead skam mounted in an tampertan laywhal sends its wen tentan into a taste of anorapia
    The second bit was an anagram of "A death mask mounted in an apartment hallway sends its new tenant into a state of paranoia" (Piggeh). This is from a movie hex. So basically it says "X is hex".

    x = 03 135 152 117 ___

    The third bit can be solved by zooming in on the image which is supposed to be misleading. You can see in the bottom right some green pixels. When translated into binary (1 for green, 0 for normal), it comes out as 01100111, or 103. This makes the sequence into 03 135 152 117 103.

    You're getting close. Put it all together.y = x + 1
    So, for this bit, x is hex. So converting the sequence to hex is 03 87 98 75 67.
    Put it together and add one 0387987568. I then made the link to it being an ISBN number (International Standard Book Number). When searched, it goes to this book: http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Physics-David-Cassidy/dp/0387987568#reader_0387987568

    If you look in the contents page for page 258 (pg#258 from first part), the chapter title is:
    "The steam engine and industrial revolution"

    Time to go to steam, people.

    EDIT: Didn't do this on my own, a crapload of people helped do this:

    (Thanks for help during final bits pure)
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  9. yes best donate now before it goes up in price.....

    ok no not really (i felt mean abit :x )
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  10. 3lionz

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    It will become a subscription game. Costing around £5 a month, if steam pricing is correct.
    ->No. Don't be stupid. Also, use less caps.<-

    Made the grey text a bit more obvious for you guys.
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    I actually went to the donate tab >.<LOL @_@ well you solved it where the heck is the update!!!!! im about to go in a ALL CAPS RAGE!!!
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    Too much brainpower for 1 thread to handle
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    you woke up?
  14. Synista

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    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh please for the sanity of everyone! -_-
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    IM DONE.:D
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    Did i not call this in google docs :)
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    Looking back, this is a lot of big news. I'm super happy to know that Legions isn't just going to fade away. Hats off to the developers for keeping this gem alive and moving forward.
  18. Sin

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    We went from new weapon models, to the game going on steam. Hallelujah!

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    EDIT: *garsh* my riddle, heres a better pic of what I am actually saying:
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