Frostbyte - Fixed?

Discussion in 'Custom Maps' started by Hi!, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Hi!

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    Since during PUGs there's never really a fair game on this map, I heard a suggestion by Darklord last night. Took his suggestion into consideration and lowered the back hill on beta so now back routes are much more difficult to complete and require a lot more energy to do. You can still do front routes if you're grabbing from Alpha


    Screenshots: before and after changes, don't know if you can really tell but it's a huge difference once you play the map. Hope this evens out the playing field for both sides for the next PUG :)

    Legions 2016-02-07 16-56-41-29.png

    Legions 2016-02-07 16-53-27-98.png
  2. WildFire

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    For the love of god, Frostbyte is 100% balanced for teamsizes of 7v7! Stop playing 9v9 on it and you'll enjoy it a helluva lot more.
  3. Ucantry2run

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    Its not, by the way.
  4. Hi!

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    It probably is but more fun/balanced with 7v7 but there will always be complaining from either team about the back routes
  5. Xzanth

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    Was just trying it out, in my opinion could do with even more flattening of the back hill, back routes still seemed to effective to me.
  6. Hi!

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