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  1. The game has some challenges with it's agreement with IAC. Many players were not able to get back on game after IAC days. But we all know that most PEOPLE playing in IAC back then was because of LEGIONS, IAC plays a big role in PROVIDING house for LEGIONSa, it's LEGIONS that players were visiting and not the HOUSE SHELTERING it (IAC).

    Back in IAC days, there were a lot of PLAYERS staying and playing because they are having FUN. There's no RANKING system, only 3 GAME MODE, fewer MAPS but PEOPLE STAY and PLAY every DAY and NIGHT. Why?

    After IAC, Legions started losing players. Did LEGIONS really lose its players? or LEGIONS wasn't able to GAIN back its players?

    By the time LEGIONS started to operate ALONE without IAC, I did not hear about it until a year or two. Maybe LEGIONS focuses on game development, which was not bad but forgot to also FOCUS on PROMOTING the game and spread AWARENESS that the GAME is back!

    It's now 2020, 10 years? or less? after it became independent but it's facebook page only has 1,000+ followers?

    Game DEVELOPERS create game, experiment to find a game that people will enjoy. It's PROVEN that this GAME is enjoyable, that's why we're still here after so many years, it just needs to be exposed MASSIVELY.

    We have to accept that there's no IAC or things like STEAM to support it at this moment, but LEGIONS is a GREAT game, like a BEAUTIFUL and SEXY woman, it can attract players without others HELP. It just needs to be SEEN.

    Our Suggestions is:

    1. Create an interactive LOBBY like in MOBILE LEGEND or InstantAction, where people can chat real time, PUBLIC and PRIVATE chat.

    2. Fix issues in creating server and joining created server.

    3. Fix Issue of game crashing randomly when in other player's server.

    4. Focus on promoting the game inside and outside AMERICA.

    5. Creating FB PAGE in each region/country & support each page by making it active through commenting on each post and sharing it.

    6. Do weekly meeting on how to promote the game.

    7. After gathering new players, let's promote creating clans by assigning old players to teach the newbies and guide them as they form clan.

    8. Let's set weekly games, until it becomes daily and hourly again.

    9. We have some prepared plans for my TEAM in PHILIPPINES Asia.

    There's a pandemic (COVID-19) going on that we have no control to, Legions can help to make people stay at home. :)

    We were able to create our own game server here in the Philippines the only issue is that there's a lot of step to do inside the game for the server to be seen by other players and players joining servers, their game crash randomly after several minutes but can rejoin again afterwards.
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    I guess the thing is that devs cannot earn money because of copyright.