Does Anyone Still Play Legions?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sumo Slamma, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Sumo Slamma

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    Hello everyone, I was a big fan of Legions since the InstantAction days and was wondering if anyone still plays. I'm now into marketing and I wish to grow the name and the game. Hope we can all promote the awesomeness of this game for more players to play! I'll be playing a lot so I hope to see more faces online. <3
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  2. yami

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    Here's a recent thread that might answer your question:

    Furthermore, any marketing attempts are severely hampered by the original licensing agreement when IAC allowed some former members of the community to distribute the game for free. I do not know the ins and outs of this agreement, but it may be possible to get a copy if you are interested, some more information is here:

    I'm not trying to shut you down, I support any attempts to get some life back into this game, just want you to know what you are going up against. Several people have came back to the community with similar ideas as you, they all seemingly came to the same conclusion that it is futile. I hope you find some other way that they couldn't.

    I would suggest joining this steam group: if there are ever future play dates they will probably be announced on there.

    In the meanwhile you can bookmark this page: to check if any servers are populated, it is extremely rare that you will find someone this way.

    Perhaps a good starting point would be finding a good way for people that are available to play to advertise their availability. Maybe discord has some functionality for this. I have always said to feel free to add me on Steam and message me if you see me online, but lately I have been playing some other games on Uplay and Origin so I'm not showing up on Steam. Besides, not many people find 1 on 1s appealing, one needs to do some planning and serious spreading-the-word weeks in advance to have a hope of getting a real game going.
  3. Sumo Slamma

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    Thanks Yami! It's been a long time, and even if I have to message People on social medias 1 by 1 to download the game just to play, I'm sure things would work, Slowly, But surely. I'll be online the whole day today, Hoping to catch a few People online. Lol Thank you for the information! Much appreciated.
  4. yami

    yami Private Tester

    Actually it seems it is OK to advertise, from what I can see the main rules are that nothing can be monetized, anything created for the game automatically belongs to IAC, and it can only be distributed on this website. These are the big ones that rightfully stop most people from wanting to put to much work into improving the game. A big part of the dev group started their own studio to make a game that they could actually own.

    Gotta plan play dates and get people in if you hope to get anybody interested in this game. Nobody new is going to join empty servers for very long.
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