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    Rainmeter :D with my own custom icons.
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    Some motivation to get me through the rest of the semester:

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    Christopher "Big Black" Boykin.
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    Necro Post: My arch config using a tiling window manager. Everything is keyboard navigable/controllable, I prefer command line:

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    My wallpaper(s) for my new monitors.

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    +1000 for using Arch Linux. I could never get the hang of i3. I prefer XMonad/Dwm but I found myself wasting more time customizing it than actually using it so I made the difficult switch to KDE. Setup prior to the switch.

    Wallpaper is here:
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  16. WildFire

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    Yeah... i3 is super efficient at what it does, less fancy and my status line currently sucks but how's the new version of KDE?
  17. Arch

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    It is actually quite nice. It runs pretty light considering it is enormous, over 2 GB of programs in the kde package. And you can even pres Alt + Shift + F12 to turn off compositing when needing the extra resources/cpu.

    Are you using dzen or the default i3 panel? The little time that I used i3 I had a hell of a time with the syntax/layout for the entries for the i3 bar. Love dzen as it is just configured through shell scripts and can do so many things. Btw, it you're any bit interested, the script for my panel, as well as a few other things, are on my github:

    Also, this is an extremely nice script for dzen if you're in need of a volume display.
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    Meh :p Background.jpg
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    Thanks for the links, I am currently just using i3status bar which doesn't offer much in terms of features but I couldn't be bothered to set conky up.
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    Never really a fan of conky. I always used bash scripts but both work in relatively the same way.