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Discussion in 'Custom Maps' started by Hi!, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Hi!

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    Another green map for you...and it's not a big map, size of Frostbyte

    Was originally Sand like, like Sleepwalker but it looked better with the green


    Legions 2015-09-12 14-15-17-94.png

    I'll always follow up with another map when you release one ;) @Teddy945
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  2. Teddy945

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    sweet! looking forward to the finished sexyness lol. :p
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  3. Hi!

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    Download link has been provided in original post or download here too....I've also provided you infidels with a video a couple of routes on there, you can clearly see that little to no jets are required for half of the routes....
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  4. The video says its private, but I'll def check it out!
  5. Fixious

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    Not a bad start. Seems like a mixture of Elegiac and Whiteout (Homi would rage). I'd probably move in a few of those spawn points so they're closer to the stand, and add some more structures throughout the middle to spruce things up. The area between the base and back tower also seems a bit bland, so maybe put something there so the defense can pass the flag around. That or just remove the back tower entirely and replace it with an actual base structure (hollowroom could work).
  6. Fixious

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    Dunno about the light issue. I'm able to create and copy/paste them just fine on the map. As for the base, maybe.
  7. Hi!

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