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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dacil, Nov 14, 2010.

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    polyrythmic jazz infused metal..? yeap.

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    just wanted to take a look into it ... blocked in germany *yey* but finally found a website. very nice musicvideo :)
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    Such elegance and beauty.
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    Great tutorial for when you hit the dance floor at the clubs.
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    nuff said

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    my jam dude
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    Krautrock <3
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    Time to get pumped.
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    Seeing ghost again for the 5th time in 6 days in pitts.. Can't wait, every time i see them i think it feels like what religious people feel after church service.

    The world is on fire, And you are here to stay and burn with me. A funeral pyre, And we are here to revel forever more.
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    tranquil and chaotic
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    Strange one, The vocalist (male) and bass player (female) started the band as a couple. The band has been trying to put out a debut for 7 years and finally did. After the release the bassist says the vocalist had been raping her and sexualy abusing her for 5 years. The whole album which will be there only album is like a *danced* up dairy of what he did to her and how he knows hes a horrible person, knowing what happened and then listening to the whole album is *dancing* crazy. Like urban myth type *chocolate cookies*..
    Crust punk/metal/rapist.
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