Clientside Graphics Transformation Pack

Discussion in 'Modifications' started by Caputalis, May 26, 2019.

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    I made a small client-side theme pack that replaces all the cement textures for are bases with new modern textures. Also Forgotten, gets new better looking stone textures.



    1# Make a backup copy of your whole legions folder, encase you need or want to go back later...

    2# Unzip the files from the Transformation Pack,
    to a folder some place..

    3# Next copy and past the two folders named client, and legions, into your game folder..
    When asked to confirm folder replace, select yes to all, and yes to all again if it ask..

    4# Click on the DeleteDSOs.bat, to clear out all the dsos, so my two edited .cs files load properly..

    5# Start your game, load frostbyte, you will see the dark shiny new textures. Forgotten got a newer look too, with better textures..
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    Any screenshots?
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    These are all free textures I think, credits for some in the .cs files, had them on my drive for years. I reused some way to much and could try to replace some but the buildings and objects are tricky to make them look good with different texture,s guessing that's the reason most everything is cement type.. This pack makes the buildings look like metal structures not cement, that was kinda my plan.. I will try to make a different looking texture pack for the cement structures next if I can find decent free ones.. Anyone else here is more than welcome to help improve or make their own pack using mine as they wish..
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