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    Could you guys please add a chat box on the home page? It helps in having people talk to each other.

    And below is really for venting, but please don't take it too serious.

    I'll be honest with you, I think you guys should have kept legions the way it was in IA.

    Every time I get on legions, there is almost no one in any of your servers. I just don't see the need to make these new weapons and cores. I think you guys should focus more time on advertising. Saying that, I am not a "key" member behind the development of Legions, so I shouldn't complain. But, I would have released updates on legions if it was gaining popularity instead of making updates for a game that doesn't have many people to start with. You could have put your project on steam and amassed a larger fan base (unless a ToS aspect prevents you from doing such actions).
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    Releasing new weapons wasn't the demise first of all, it was just people steadily getting tired of the game. And even if they wanted to (which lets be honest, they did) they couldn't advertise because of legal bindings of the company that owns the copyright of the game. Trust me, the devs did all they could to keep this game alive.
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    If the forums can go a week without a single new post, having essentially the same thing on the front page won't do much except attract spam bots.

    The game hasn't received any noticeable updates since January (6+ months), and even that update was a failure overall. There is no development team, nor has there been since the release of 1.40 in Feb/March 2013. There aren't any plans to advertise it, and there never really was. It's a 6 year old game that had its moment of glory within its first year of release. Something like Steam won't happen, ever. The game is 'done'. Reviving it won't happen. Everyone has more or less wiped their hands clean of this...project.

    I repeat, no one is developing the game anymore. The one remaining person who can really do anything that has even a glimmer of interest is Poponfu, who isn't around anymore either. The one thing I could possibly see him release is the democam that was teased months ago, but who knows. The test channel has several features that were started but never completed due to an overall lack of interest from those involved. Squads, Slamcore, democam, ToS to help with IndieDB release. God knows what else I'm forgetting.

    Historically summer has always been kind to Legions, showing a decent influx in player activity. However so far this summer has been the bleakest so far, with one server showing single-digits at peak hours most of the time. It's about 7:30pm EST as of writing, which is right in the middle of Legions' peak hours (for US), and there are 4 people playing. 4 people. I don't see any point in prolonging it into yet another summer. I haven't played in months due to multiple frustrations with the game and community (I fired it up today for 3-4 minutes before losing interest). I don't consider myself to be the Test Lead anymore because there's nothing to test. Legions has joined the fateful ranks of previous games such as Tribal Wars, Legends, Renegades, etc. Games that never really took off and were either shutdown or left to rot.

    I would suggest anyone that has some sort of interest in Legions, or a game similar to Legions, to shift your focus to other games.
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    You make it sound as if the game is dead. The developers should try to negotiate with IA (or whatever the publishing company is called). I really liked this game, to see it not being played is quite a let down...

    And why are there so many servers? I know people reside in different locations all over the world, but with so many servers up, I think that's just a waste as well.

    I don't know, I think I'm experiencing nostalgia because this was my very first game, and to see it lifeless really bothers me, especially when a lot of work was put into reviving it. I can't believe IA shut down six years ago...
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    I have two servers up on one VPS, witch may be going down soon this month.
    In my opinion, the game never got successful again, because it was changed so much from its original simplistic design, it became unbalanced, maybe most newer players just can't compete against older players, who know how to use boost grenades, and fancy cores, etc. I have been trying to keep the game going by making maps, and even mods, but no ones interested. If the Devs had just spent their time instead on fixing the game, adding good new features, like good support for custom maps, skins, player made content, it would have been better. The engine could have been updated a bit too, nothing fancy, there are engine updates on the torque website, for TGEA.. The guys who made that silly blockland game on the old TGE, are still updating its graphics, and adding more features. If this Dev team is basically finished, can't the person or persons in charge, find someone else to take over, or are they just going to let it completely die, master server down?
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    Since the developers have worked hard on making fancy new cores and weapons, it would be a unfair for us to tell them to throw them out. But what they could do is lock away the upgrades and save them for later. There shouldn't be 6 different servers, especially when none of them are played on; having 2/3 servers would suffice.

    There are games that are almost 10 years old, and are still going strong. And by no means is this game outdated, there's a huge market for mech games (ie, Titanfall, Star Citizen). I think the developers should focus more on attracting people to their website, than making updates for servers that are never empty.

    Quick suggestion; Please delete all the channels you guys don't use on TS3. Keep your TS3 simple, remove channels you don't need, and unlocked most of them. I went on TS3 and saw a group of people playing a game, but because it was locked, I lost interest and left.
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    This will never happen...if the channel is locked its for a reason, if there are players in a channel and they're not on legions they're probably playing another game such as LoL, WoW, etc.
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    Devs, don't need to throw away, or lock the new weapons, cores, out.
    They could just have a special gametype, called classic, or some thing, that would just enable the basic weapons, cores, grenades, that the game had in 2008, when IA, ran it.. I mentioned this a long time ago, it would be a great way to slowly bring new players in to the game. Right now the learning curve is vary high, it takes a lot of time to learn to use the booster grenades, and some of the new cores..
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    The primary reason why legions has ended up the way it has is for a number of reasons, but primarily lack of advertising; which is why the devs thoughtfully stopped investing time in something that was completely out of their control anyway. There is no other solution that would spontaneously reverse the situation of our current population plain and simple.

    I would disagree with this considering the last two years in my experience. Granted I was away in the Dominican Republic for most of last summer, I still remember logging on many times and seeing much less people online than usual. From what I've always known, legions is far more populated during most academic school years (Sept-May) with a bell curve effect of the most population around during x-mas time (Dec-Jan). Hell, we even had some srs pugs this past winter (everyone was in disbelief of it too); and quite honestly, I even expect the same thing to happen around the same time this year. Know why? Because last year also had a discouragingly low population for the most part, yet for some reason veterans had still returned to play the game that they know they still have a soft spot for deep in their heart. (yeah I went there)

    I can understand the discontent that many players/vets have with legions, as they have such a high level of enjoyment and such great memories of the game, yet it really doesn't deliver with populated games anymore. What results is feelings of something along the lines of a failed relationship, feeling like we've been wronged. So people get mad at leejunz and speak abusively towards it/about it while trying to formulate their own reasons for its fall or speak confidently about its current 'death' (I see it more as a crippled zombie that just won't die honestly). So at this point I've learned to not take people too seriously when they speak that way.

    I'm not saying a revival of legions is still to come, or anything extraordinary will happen to the game, but that there are still many players who (will always) enjoy this game, including the ones who speak the harshest words against it. The way I think of our current population situation is, lets make it through the summer.

    Oh, and I am for the idea of less servers. The last thing this game needs in its current state is players on different servers and we definitely don't need to be considerate of server location (ping) at this point either.
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