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  1. shaska

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    Heres a video explaining the 4 classes.

    Which class will you guys pick? Since I've always liked healing people, especially in TF2, I will probably take the Assault.
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  2. DKnight556

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    Probably recon. I'm mostly a scout in tf2
  3. ColoredSpades

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    If I'm not mistaken, Scout is the Shotgun class/lite, no?
  4. BeefThief

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    I was quite partial to the Medic in BC2, so I'll probably play Assault in BF3.
  5. RainPilot

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    Pro-medic here, but I'll probably switch between recon and engineer just because being a sniper in this game is going to be so realistic since there will muzzle flash, better graphics etc so you'll have to find a nice sniping spot with good cover to not be killed.

    Engineer will be fun as since you can literally kill people with rubble so if you see a sniper in a house, boom dead. Don't forget you can kill with the repair tool, AND you got a pretty sweet shotgun.

    Here is how my squads are going to be in infantry: 3 medics, 2 support, 1 sniper/engineer.
    vehicle: 2 medics, 2 support, 2 sniper/engineer.

    A lot of the BF2 players never went on to BC2 and stuck with BF2. I'm 100% sure that most if not all of the BC2 servers will ghost and eventually close, but the BF2 servers will still be alive. Hopefully the BF2 community accepts BF3 into it's heart and takes it in.

    I heard somewhere that a few weeks or months ago that they said the beta was going to be open. I think the MoH players will get in late august and the rest will be the first or second week of Sept.

    I can't way to play this game at maximum graphics with a 23' screen.
  6. Vox

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    recon all the way :D
  7. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    Before I even watch or look at any comments, let me guess. Assault, Recon, Medic, and some sort of support class. That is the extent of my interest. Not that I was ever interested in the first place.
  8. RainPilot

    RainPilot stinky bear

    Gtfo troll. Nobody wants to play bf3 with you anyway.
    Also: wall paper
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  9. BeefThief

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    You're one of those CoD noobs, aren't you? Bum <3
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  10. HellzHere

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    I really really hope COD sells more, as to me how much a game sells does not make it good. I was the one of the first guys who broguht black ops on day 1, but i rarely played it, an recently I have moved to bfbc2 and WOW, just WOW....

    Anyway yea I want COD to sell more, so there is less of the idiots running about with no tactics/teamwork....Battlefield is for the real men....and yea maybe women.... :)

    I really like what they are doing with the game overall, like the squads having a squad leader and you can only respwan on your squad if hes alive, again emphasis on teamwork, but I hate to have a COD player being my squad leader....
  11. RainPilot

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    That's what I'm saying.

    I went onto some BF3 where a few people were complaining about the high system requirements and they were all kids my age with their emachines. I think the high system requirements are good because it filters out the kids who will think it's just like CoD and the people who own a gaming rig and know what gaming is all about. I'm glad that there won't be the kids playing it on there parents crappy eMahcine (like myself). But I'm buying a new rig.

    Besides, even they somehow managed to get in game, they'd just get cursed out by drunk people in a squad. That's what I love about battlefield 2, I can just hop in at 11pm and listen to people cry about work and then curse some one out when they knife a person. Most of them are drunk, but the good kind of drunk.
  12. shaska

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  13. Ucantry2run

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  14. Dacil

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    did you really have to include all the pictures, its such a long post (and one was long enough! )!! lol

    ill be pwning as recon and engineer WOOT
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  15. anyone that i can use to operate vehicles......i fail at BFBC2 atm :( 3months no playing = cant even run thru a building with shotgun and killing :s
  16. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    well, I usually ran between Medic and Assault, with some Recon for those losers in the back that NEVER *dancing* STOP BUSH WOOKIEING! buuuuuut anyway... I have always had a soft spot for LMGs such as the 249, so im expecting to go all out support for BF3, the only thing that would change this would be if they added the M1 Garand. Used it up to an 8 gold star in BC2 before my friend and I got tired of constant rocket spam. loved that thing, especially having the feeling of going, oh look, you just died by a weapon thats used by less the 2% of the people that have ever played. good day, sir!
  17. RainPilot

    RainPilot stinky bear

    I hope they have the SVD.

    I love walking into squads, killing two quickly, tossing a nade on their bodies, then watch as they try to flank you but get killed with claymores. Then just snipe them as they are on the ground getting revived. AND THEN THROW ANOTHER NADE AS 3 MEDICS DIVE TO REVIVE. I got 10 kills in a minute doing that, twas amazing.
  18. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    You're so cool rainp :eek:
  19. shaska

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  20. BeefThief

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    They do. I got killed by one!