Beep + Lag when pressing keys

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by a20z07, Oct 2, 2015.

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    The game plays normally for about 5-10 minutes at a time, but then this weird lag kicks in. In this state, key presses cause a beeping noise (produced by the game, I think) accompanied by the game freezing.

    If I hold the key down, the beeping frequency seems to match that of the key inputs, in which it starts out slow but quickly jumps to full speed.

    It seems to be Legions-specific... any ideas?
  2. Fixious

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    Might be worth getting something like Speedfan to monitor your computers temps. Could be an issue with your computer/laptop overheating, especially if it only happens when you're playing a game. Give your fans a good clean with compressed air (from the inside out) and see how that goes.
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    For the key presses it might be due to "Sticky Keys", Go to your control panel find "Ease of Access", click on "Make the keyboard easier to use" everything should be unchecked except for the second check box under "Turn on Toggle Keys", if you have everything checked due to special circumstances of your computer, uncheck them but leave the second check box under "Turn on Toggle Keys" checked and restart legions to see if that solves the beeping sound and as for the lag problem refer to this thread:
    If none of those solves your issue try re-installing dxdiag....
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    It seems only to be Legions though, and not any more demanding games. Although I guess a good cleaning is long overdue...

    No luck with ease of access. Also, the lag is more of a game stutter than a network issue, but I'll try out the network issues thread if I get desperate.

    I might try reinstalling legions in the meantime.
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  6. a20z07

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    Thanks for the help, guys.
    I think it's due to keyboard buffer overflow, so I increased the buffer limit in the registry (
    It seems to be doing the trick so far. If it comes back, I'll give Fixious's suggestion a shot. Hopefully the freezing goes away with the beeps if it comes to that.
    Hmm... maybe I should be concerned that this problem has appeared out of nowhere after 4-5 years of using the same equipment.

    Update: The buffer limit increase didn't work, and neither did disabling beeps. Rebinding wasd to esdf is my latest (temporary?) fix, so it still seems like a keyboard problem. I don't know why it only occurs in Legions, though.
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    Whats the keyboard make? Some boards come with drivers/software suites that have ghosting settings, try adjusting them if your board has the option.
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    It's a leopold tenkeyless. No ghosting problems, as far as I can tell using this site:

    But anyway, I think the problem was that I kept accidentally switching to a foreign keyboard while playing. I've been able to reproduce the beeping by doing that, anyway, so I've disabled the key sequence to switch keyboards.