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Love that uncle DinoSam?

  1. Win!

  2. *shakes head*

  1. GoodJobDino

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    ascension, tag: a., (ex: a.GoodJobDino) is recruiting. Also, Idk how to get the tags by the names. SOmone told me to bug the devs. forums

    Leader: GoodJobDino
    (possibles) FireBlitz

    Copy and paste the following into a reply, then input your answers:

    In-Game Name:
    Time Playing:
    Clan Experience:
    Do you own a mic:

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  2. Abandoned

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    I'm confused by this thread.
    Recruiting for a clan?
    Something about Uncle Bob?
    Charlie Sheen "Winning"?

    Explain please.
  3. GoodJobDino

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    Nothing. I was. But then got frustrated with the game. While intoxicated. So I removed what I put. Haha.

    Edit: Atm I'm not sure what I'm doing.
  4. 57thRomance

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    "All's well that ends well." -SeymourGore
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  5. GoodJobDino

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    Re-opening recruiting.
  6. MJ1284

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    Heh, my ex-roommate had that printed on his coffee cup :D