Any final fantasy fans

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jeffjn, Apr 29, 2011.

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    There shouldn't of been a FF6.
  3. MJ1284

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    FF VII - IX were good, tried 10 for couple hours and got bored... others I haven't tested.

    But I will say this... FF VII is by far THE most overhyped game. When it comes to jRPGs, I liked Chrono Trigger & Persona 4 more.
  4. jeffjn

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    yea i personally like ff 8 the most it was unique and different from most final fantasies
  5. Armageddon

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    I liked VIII the most good story/gameplay then X for the mini games and it wasn't too bad.
  6. Strife

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    I used to be a total FF junkie but I haven't played them very much lately, except for 7-9 on my PSP now and then. Still have to beat 14 on the ps3 before Versus comes out.
  7. jeffjn

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    i love final fantasy 7 also it took me forever to beat those ultimate weapons but it was well worth it in the end i was a total beast...versus is said to be the next ff7 i hope so because ff 13 was a pile of *chocolate cookies* yea i said it lol
  8. i like ff but i only played ff 7 dirge of cerberus
    can you recommend one?
  9. SeymourGore

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    Seymour's favourite FF was FF6. If I ever have some free time I want to play through the FF4 sequel.
  10. Lanthus

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    My favorite is also FF6. I've been wanting to play the FF4 sequel as well. Btw, if you haven't tried it, the FF4 remake on DS was actually pretty nice (and it settled some arguments over name pronunciations since it had voice acting, haha).

    FF7 was good, but, I agree, very over-hyped. Whenever I think of FF8, I now think of this:

    FFXI, I played that game like crazy. I stopped after getting something like 400 days play time. First MMORPG for me. Of course, it didn't play anything like other final fantasy games, but it was pretty addictive. I've had FFXIV installed for a few months, but I still haven't played it since I don't want to commit academic suicide.
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    you should try final fantasy 7-10 graphics aren't as good as 13 but the story line and game play is great