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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jaymyster, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Because the next legions we are waiting for is expected to be far more likely to actually becoming a real game than overdrive, I think we need to take a more serious approach towards increasing our player base. We simply cannot expect to continue onto project Z with the same limited community we currently have if we ever expect for legions to effectively grow into the FPS+Z behemoth we all dream it to be. Although we have a lot of knowledge about this game, we also have biases and obsolete views we personally hold that effect how we think legions should be. Without a doubt our opinions are likely to be more valuable than others on certain topics, but that will never realistically amount to how much more the game will benefit from more perspectives and even more volunteers.

    I hope that once Z is able to get on it's feet at least for us to play, that there would be some artwork completed for it to be advertised on other sites. And if there were a way to even let the community know how much $ would equal an advertisement on a website or two, it would make the donating process a bit more appealing. I have too much love for this game to allow it's future potential growth to remain in the hands of a community that is undefined in activity and number (no offense guise i love you too), and advertising is the best surefire way to make sure the game is consistently being smacked in random people's faces. Even for me, the first time I was ever exposed to what legions was, was through a random legions advertisement on some random webpage; and I would have never expected to have become as invested in this game as I am now. Overall, I'm sure advertisement-focused donations would be the best incentive for our own players to want to donate especially because we all want our player base to grow (and ideally for those new players to donate themselves and continue the process of growth).

    I really hope this is an area where you guys have expected to put some effort towards at least eventually, because this game honestly deserves to have more man power in both testing and developing for the potential it has.

    Whatchuthink bugs?
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    Also, Leejunz != Z.
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    Legions Overdrive is a real game, we are playing it now.:confused:
    This game just needs a few more features and small fix's, like map code thats lets us just drop in maps and load them.
    The game you are talking about, has little real chance of becoming a real game.
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    Aww. :(

    @Jaymyster - Thank you for the good thinking about advertising! We are certainly not going to overlook advertising and marketing. It's critically important in many ways, and with Legions we had some hands tied legally and with what we were ready to advertise in general. I can assure you this won't be the case with Z. :)

    Just a couple FYIs:
    • We are not accepting donations for Project Z at this time (or likely ever). Donations you submit to the Legions PayPal account will be used exclusively to pay for Legions-related things and also compensate people for previous financial commitments above and beyond our initial funding from IA.
    • I do want to reiterate what Gheist said that Z is not going to be Legions or a Legions successor.
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    Thanks for acknowledging bugs. Great to hear you're fully aware of how imperative marketing is to the future of Z and that there is higher hopes for successful advertising with it. :D

    If it doesn't seem likely for there to be any donating for Z in the future, I'm very curious as to how the finances for it will be carried out. I suppose I'll message you privately about that.

    Yeah I'm still calling the next game legions out of my own trust that the developers behind the new project are able to create a game as entertaining as legions is. It's hard to let go of the legions game when you have so much love for it, but like I said, I trust the team's ability to do what they did with legions and better. My only hope is that they don't slow it down too much (or at all ideally), the speed is what the gave the most exclusivity to legions imo but hey idk what you guys have planned for Z so.
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    To me, what makes Legions Overdrive, special compared to tribes and most games is the,
    1# Player skiing, jetting/physics.
    2# Core system.
    3# Weapon overheat

    If this new game does not include at-least the the first option, not sure most who likes L:O, will be that excited.
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    Defender speaks truth about the reasons of the many attached to L:O. I personally hope that numbers 1-3 will be in the new game. If not, it will be as Defender said; My excitement level will not be as high as it possibly could.