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  1. This script adds more options in the game panel for more practical use.

    -A working admin login.
    -An option to broadcast the server for the public and stopping it.
    -An option to change the server password.
    -An option to change the admins passwords.

    -For normal use just put it in the public-test folder.
    -For dedicated server you need to put 2 copies of it, one in your local public-test folder and one in the dedicated server folder.

    -In-Game you need to login as the admin with the higher level (5) to be able to broadcast the server and change the passwords for the server and the admins.
    -To change the server password select the server option in the drop down list and type the password you want in the text box and click change, if you want to remove the password just leave the text box empty and click change.
    -To change the admins passwords you need to put the number of the admin you want to change the password for in the left text box and then put the password in the right box,
    you can find the admin number in "server\preferences\config.cs"
    Demigod is number 0 and God is number 1
    $Host::Admins::Level[0] = 1;
    $Host::Admins::Level[1] = 10;
    $Host::Admins::Name[0] = "Demigod";
    $Host::Admins::Name[1] = "God";
    $Host::Admins::Password[0] = "unlocked";
    $Host::Admins::Password[1] = "<3Disaster";
    oh and don't ask me about the options that doesn't work, they're not imported into the game
    and might not get into it, only the devs know

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  2. Gheist

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    The word you're looking for is "panel".
  3. poiuyt580

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    More stuff = ?
    Also, why not just press F5?
  4. RockeyRex

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    Mmh... It does give you a login screen. Dat about it. Handy if you cba to use the console for that.

    Edit: Oh and I'll add a login screen for the next push.
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  5. Update:
    it's better :p, and F5 is usable with this script now
    if you use it make sure you update it
  6. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    Can you add:
    • Make server visible/joinable
    • Change admin panel password
  7. Update:
    Added a button to broadcast the server ( can be used for remote servers ).
    Added a way to change the password ( can be used for remote servers ).
  8. Triad

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    I need to read these threads more...

    This has all already been done for the next push. ;p
  9. If it's done then what are you waiting for??

    edit: Meh
  10. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    And when is that? I remember GReaper saying that the next update would be in two weeks.... which is.... today!
  11. Triad

    Triad Legions Developer

    No idea, it's up to Greaper when things get pushed.
  12. Royalty

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  13. ocarina_boy

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    Cool let's get some aussie matches happening.
  14. Royalty

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    U on now? Join my server!
  15. ocarina_boy

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    I can't see it.
  16. Royalty

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    It's on now.
  17. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    What authority do demigods have?
  18. everything you see in the game panel except this
  19. Royalty

    Royalty The Aussie

    Ah k. Thanks.
  20. GReaper

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    That was an estimate! :(

    Sorry, I've had a dying hard drive to replace on my gaming PC last weekend, and a phone which I thought was bricked to deal with this weekend, and various other stuff.

    Hopefully I'll have some time to look through stuff soon, and finish the rest of the functionality needed. However until then the live channel is still working fine, and the public test channel allows you to host games - even if there are some issues.