Additive Manufacturing, 3d Printing

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    I don't know much about this subject and I've only just heard of it and that's what I find suprising because it's a pretty big thing!

    It is only in early stages but lots of predictions that it will completely revolutionize manufacturing in the fact that it will be a lot cheaper/easier, it adds crap loads more customization available for buyers, it doesn't need to be imported/ or even to be stored in warehouses; In a few years time they predict you can go to your local 3d printing store and collect whatever you ordered online. A few more years after that they predict people will have personal 3d printers and it will essentially be like the sci fi (star trek) replicators lol

    The reason no storage is needed is because items are stored virtually lol, they are simply stored as a 3d file which can be edited in any way with 3d editors, when needed they can just print it out...

    Here's the first vid I found about it:

    but I heard all about it on a bbc radio documentary

    The vid demonstrates a man walking into a research lab with a wrench, the researchers take his wrench, shine a laser on it to 3d map it onto computer, they then colour it how they want, and print a new one out for him which works perfectly with functional moving parts etc

    The documentary also mentions how this is already in use in a lot of manufacturing companies today, and theres even massive ones for printing parts for buildings
  2. my friends going of to uni in sept to study all this stuff with her product design and things......shame cant get blue prints of the machine and substances used ...make a larger scale version and then duplicate my car :D will just need a 2nd engine, insides and wheels
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    Technology is the most mind blowing thing in this world, it can be so innovative and revolutionary.

    How much would one of those printers cost, I dread to imagine.
  4. probably need a salary of 35k and 25 yrs and not spending a penny then maby by that time it would reduce in price and you would be able to buy it..then duplicate the money you have left over a couple of hundred times then buy the newest version out with that money
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    yeah youtube commenters find the idea of 3d printers printing 3d printers a lulzy one