8/13/2015 Update.

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    [Blog Post]

    Discuss, also please post any bugs you find with voting. Thank you to the brave souls who were on late tonight to help weed a few missed ones out quickly.
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  2. Fixious

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    This was a bitch to test, especially with so few people around to test an entire voting feature. Once everything is ironed out more voting features might out later (mute, kick, ban).

    Diabolus currently isn't loading properly. Expect a fix sometime tomorrow.

    god damn you svn
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  3. I just loaded it in Hotswap CTF, it's working great.
  4. Poponfu

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    Most admins have had their power to directly change map removed and start a map switch vote in its place. We have left a fair number of active pug people full powers. Please do not direct switch in pubs without reason

    Don't forget, both admin and player votes can be vetoed.
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  5. If 2 people say "letsvote" at the same time, game won't register both, only one. I'm not talking about like down to the EXACT millisecond, im talking 1-2 sec within each other.
  6. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    The lets vote registers, there is a spam filter on some of the server feedback messages.


    I am going to quickly add some sounds for the two phases starting and center print messages. People seem confused about when they can nominate and vetovote.
  7. yami

    yami Private Tester

    First of all thank you for putting in the work to get this in the game, this has been much needed for the past 10 years.
    Now to complain...
    It's way clunkier than it needs to be. With the letsvote phase, nomination phase, finally getting to the actual voting, it's just too much reading and typing for everyone to focus on, way too disruptive to the game. People aren't paying full attention to the chatbox, and the important notifications zoom by when you've got flag events and frag notifications popping off constantly. Sounds and center messages will definitely help that, but it can and should be much simpler.
    There's no reason that 1 person should not be able to start a vote. If people don't want a change they simply don't vote or vote to keep the current map.

    --yami: startvote changemap frostbyte ctf
    (center text, or better yet a popup on the side like the engineer core box)
    yami wants to change the map to frostbyte ctf. Hit F1 to vote yes, F2 to keep current map
    • Less than 60% participate in vote= no change
    • If 60% participation:
      • 51% of participants vote yes= change
      • 51% of participants vote no= no change
    If I start a vote that fails I can't startvote for 5 minutes
    If you want to change maps but didn't like my choice you vote "no" and can do your own startvote 30 seconds after mine fails

    This way the person that wants the new map has to do all the heavy lifting. The people that are playing have a simple yes or no choice and 1 button to press (or ignore), for minimal disruption. No need for the messy vetovote either.

    This would easily extend to a votekick
    --yami: startvote votekick poponfu <reason>
    yami wants to kick popunfu for reason: aimbotting. Hit F1 for yes, F2 for no

    This is basically how it works on vanilla TF2 servers.

    No matter what you do to the voting system we need a list of all available maps and gametypes to nominate, and which gametypes are available in which maps. Obviously an in game menu would be ideal but I am willing to go low-tech and print out a cheat sheet.
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  8. Poponfu

    Poponfu Lead Developer

    We will take that into consideration when the whole thing gets revisited next time, thanks for the feedback ! Stuff to make the vote process more visible will come earlier though.

    The names you are nominating are the names of the .mis mission files. Take a look in legions/data/missions.
  9. We tried Frostbyte rabbit, nade doesnt work still........

    Also, sent is broken in rabbit, it has more mobility than even Outrider
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  10. TylerMarket

    TylerMarket Heisenberg.

    I highly enjoy this system for the fact that we don't need an admin anymore for changing maps. It also allows us to play maps we wouldn't normally play.

    Things I don't like: I hate that games aren't getting finished as often now because everyone wants to change the map every 10-15 minutes... could just be the fact that it's new but it is still very annoying. Perhaps it could get changed to voting for the next map rather than immediately changing it after the vote

    I also dislike the spam involved...should be a way to maybe hide nominations/letsvotes if possible

    Overall, great idea, thank you for putting it into the game. I just think it needs a little work still...but it'll get there
  11. yami

    yami Private Tester

    I agree it's annoying when people change the map when a good game is playing out, but that's the cost of democracy. As annoying as it may be for you, you must be in the minority if the votes are still going through. Did you try the vetovote?
  12. yami

    yami Private Tester

    Possible bug, we voted for zenith on the automatic 2 minute warning nextmap vote.
    After the vote completed the nextmap command returns frostbyte, but time ran out and zenith started up.
    I think it is returning the next map in the natural rotation, should update if something else was voted in
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    what the *chocolate cookies*, my facebook pops up with something about an update and i find that this game still gets updated?! VALUE
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  14. Poponfu

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    Yeah, 'nextmap' only shows the next in the normal rotation. That is a good idea, we will change it so it says the voted map if there was a successful nextmap vote.
  15. Hi!

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  16. Fixious

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    It's currently based on the CS 1.6 voting system.
  17. Hi!

    Hi! Contributor

    I can't add missions in the Config.cs file anymore?

  18. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Read the blog.


    You no longer need to mess with the config.cs file anymore. Just place the maps in your missions folder and select them from the game panel. You only need to edit config.cs if you're hosting a server and want it to have a specific map rotation. I'll need to update the mapping tutorial to reflect this.
  19. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Diabolus skybox has been updated so it isn't so blinding, moved jump pads a bit closer to the stand for chasers, Rabbit nade update (for real this time!), few other minor changes. Will be pushed to Live whenever Pop gets around to it.

    Skybox preview.
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    I think we should use this voting system:
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