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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fixious, Nov 11, 2011.

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    You know what scares me?

    There are elements of this community who where children back in '08, '09.

    They are adults now. God help us all.
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  3. MJ1284

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    You sure about that?
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  4. Armageddon

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    Mandatory breeding laws... I'm in favor of them.
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    Not much has changed :p
  11. ContingencyPl4n

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    the good old days, haha

    EDIT: my god those pictures bring me back some memories. Damn fun times.

    EDIT 2: anyone have pictures of the original avatars on the website, wouldnt mind having the ol' blue or red Heavy head avatar again.

    Also, imo, The web tech was a cool idea, dunno if its viable at all, but I liked the idea.
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  13. ContingencyPl4n

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    Negative, it was a picture of the Sentinels head. There was an avatar pack that was given to certain people (I had it) it contained the heads of each armor, in both colors
  14. SeymourGore

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    <--- Seymour's Senty head.
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    positive... you bastard...
  16. Fixious

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    I used to have some better ones, but these are all I can find.

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    can you upload a bigger one of the last one? that was the first outrider "hat" i unlocked with the survey stuff in ia ;-;.
  18. Fixious

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    7 years

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  19. Dimitryy

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    :( now I feeld kind of old
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    Almost 10 years since Fallen Empire: Legions :eek:

    Damn, it has been one hell of a ride guys :)