weapons you would like to see

weapons you would like to see

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Death Plane. Period.
OmniNept said:
What they need to do is reintroduce the old sniper rifle, but with one important modification: instead of firing a beam, it fires a plane of damage. This emitted "death plane" (or DP) - as it will so forth be called - is essentially hitscan, and suffers no attenuation. It also slows affected targets by severing their bodies along the plane of intersection. The "DP" also slices terrain and objects, so as not to be hindered by map geography.


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Shotgun: No.
Guass Rifle [sic]: That's just another LR with a ludicrously fast projectile.
Grenades: Hand grenades will probably be added back.
Poison: What? Is everyone going to carry around an umbrella with a ricin pellet on the tip?
Turret: That's not a weapon, that's a deployable and/or stationary defensive asset.
Flame Thrower: Don't need a DoT weapon that's only useful at close range.
Sword: Will be useful one encounter out of a thousand. So no.

Volt Cruelerz

Legions Developer
Gauss Rifle should really be identified as what its intended to be by the poll creator...

Grenades: Aren't these coming anyways?
Poison: While something like napalm grenades or the like that would deal DoT would be fine, poison just doesn't make sense...
Turret: Not a big fan. You'll get blown up by people moving a few hundred m/s.
Flame Thrower: Impractical at high speeds as you would realistically run into your own fireballs. It would only be useful in dueling.
Sword: Pointless (no pun intended)

Volt Cruelerz

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He didn't specify it.
As in the poll creator should specify what he intended it to be. So, that's what I said. He needs to specify what he means.
Volt, how do you expect the Legionairres breathe?
...helmet And I'm assuming that this is in regards to the flamethrower thing anyways. The point is, that flamethrower fireballs pretty much have terminal velocity given that they are vapor that is being sprayed. Not only that, but the faster you go, the harder to ignite the thing would be. I know that we aren't overly concerned with realism, but still...


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no what i ment by poison is like it releases a vapor trail so like if you have some one chaseing you wile you had the flag you could do that so they stop foling you

and the sword is kind of pointless but people might duel with them witch would b really cool if they had a shield to

who wouldnt b a fan of a turret or a bomb turret

the flame thrower is not for when your going fast unless you turned a round and then used it it would b a close range weapon not ment to be used at 100 mph


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no what i ment by poison is like it releases a vapor trail so like if you have some one chaseing you wile you had the flag you could do that so they stop foling you

Actually that's a good idea, a trail to release to stop the chasers following you, as the cappers only hope is to get way as fast as possible. Having some sort of defense (although rudimentary) would be a + for the capper.
You kidding? You haven't heard of the death plane?
It's the balanced weapon that owns all balanced weapons by being better and more powerful.
Just aim in the general direction at the right height and Bam. Headless flag carrier on the other side of the map.


Remote controlled rockets that can fly at ~120 when boosted and deal quite a bit of dmg but make you unable to control yourself when controlling them, so once you die the rocket explodes. Or we could have those tiny-tiny versions of robo-legionairres that have them tiny-tiny chainguns which shoot tiny-tiny bullets. And the lil bastards have limited lifetime and a self-detonate function. They are faster than normal legionairres but can be shot down quite easily. Chaser weapon of my choice :D

Water cannon (deployable or just equipped). Sorta hitscan. Very low DMG but a constant impact, no explosion (duh). Shortish range, yes but the cannon won't be good enough to bump a 120 m/s going Raider under 90 m/s. It'd be interesting though, especially for flag carriers waiting on a tower for their homeflag to be returned.

Mag Disc. A boomeranging magnetic disc (I've mentioned that in the IA forums). After you shoot it you can activate the magnet in it and make it follow you at an increasing speed (hence increasing the damage it deals). You can also deactivate the magnet in case you want to send it off, then activate it. The disc has hp and can crash or be shot down, but its quite flat so its hard to hit with a rocket or a grenade, easier with a CG on short distance. I don't know how will it balance though...

A melee weapon. Most likely a tazer that deactivates the enemy jets for ~4 seconds. It takes a while to charge after it has been used and it needs to be used EXACTLY when in contact with the enemy. Don't think that giving it to all of the classes is a good idea though. It's just logical for the legionairres to have SOMETHING melee. Too often I come in direct contact with the enemy.

Glue gun. For ground uses mostly. The presence of a flag within ~50m of the glue melts it down and renders it useless (so it isn't OP in CTF ;p). A legionairre that lands on the glue needs a certain 'breakthrough' amount of energy to rise up in the air. A legionairre that travels through it experiences increased friction. A legionairre stuck with a high enough amount of glue temporarily experiences the same effect as the one of landing on the glue. To make the process of sticking the glue to a legionairre hard the glue is manually dropped in a container by the player and either needs to be remotely detonated or shot down for the glue to be distributed. Flows down the hills (slowly).

Airstrike gun/ The Dropper (if we want to be cool). Now the names don't sound right so I'll need to come up with something better. This gun drops (like vertically, straight below the legionairre) unfuelled rockets (aka bombs) in series of 3 on whatever is down below the legionairre. The rockets travel at the same speed as the legionairre when he drops them, although OFC the air friction slows them down. A chaser gun + defence disturbance gun. If you consider the base sizes/shapes it doesn't seem OP at all. Now I quite like this one, because Outriders will finally have a weapon with which they manage better than other classes thanks to them being able to fly high up etc.

A grenade launcher variation that simply shoots smaller projectiles that travel faster (longer range) and cause less damage/impact, but can be shot quite quickly. Think of a shooting pace thats 50% of this shooting pace and of a similar projectile parabola (ofc in Legions scale). Reload every 8 shots or so of constant shooting.

A variation of the above grenade launcher (the main idea behind the GL variation, only it's easier to portray after describing the above) that explodes automatically in air once it reaches the top of it's projectile parabola (once they start heading down). Shoots slower. Think of it as of a Flak Cannon.

Now none of the above are substitutes for the primary damage dealing weapons. I think of all of these as secondaries or even tertiaries/equipment. I know some of these ideas were probably suggested before (I think someone mentioned airstrike-like concept on the IA forums), but I wanted to dump all of my ideas somewhere regardless of inspirations.

Yes, I know that if the devs decide to get any of these weapons into the game, Mabel will have so much work to do that he'll just find me, chop me into pieces and make a Propkid soup.


I think poison gas is a plausible idea. How do the legionairres breathe? They have vents in their helmets. This would allow poison gas to seep into the suit, damaging the Legionairre. But wait. Legionairres are robots. Not human. So nix poison gas. I was thinking of something along the lines of an electromagnetic pulse gun. This would cause the player's HUD to disappear for a certain amount of time. This would be quite useful, you see, because if used on a potential capper, the capper would have no idea how much jet energy they have left, and so either they crater or the chasers catch up. The player would also lose track of how much ammunition they have left. Also very useful. This way the hunted would have to shoot sparingly, allowing for a larger window of time for the hunter to destroy the hunted.
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