Useful Links for Fixing Computers


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Just thought I'd share the useful programs that have helped me fix many a computer.
If not a useful resource for you guys, it is for me. [This website isn't blocked anywhere]

WSUS Offline - Downloads all the Windows Updates on a safe computer
Windows Defender Boot
Microsoft Security Essentials / Offline Database - A/V w/ online DB so you can keep on a flash drive
MBAM / Offline Database - A/V w/ online DB so you can keep on a flash drive
SUPERAntiSpyware / Offline Database - A/V w/ online DB so you can keep on a flash drive
NTpasswrd Linux ISO - Clears Windows passwords
DrWeb ISO - LiveCD Anti-Virus
YUMI Multiboot USB Creator - for creating USBs with a lot of bootable tools on

Common problems/user contributions:
Google or other websites performing unexpectedly
Bleeping Computer - useful utilities (combofix) and fixes
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i use it a lot so figured i'd share
I don't know about you but if you have to use an anti-malware tool a lot I would say that you're probably doing something wrong.


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I figured this would be a good place to post rather than create a thread, my Norton is expiring in two days, I want your guys' opinions on an anti-virus program. Should I renew my Norton subscription? Or is there a better one out there you guys would recommend?


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Haven't heard anything good about Norton. MSE, Avast and AVG are usually praised. I'm currently using Avast and haven't had any issues. MSE was also pretty good. AVG got pretty bloated a while back but I'm hearing good things about it again.


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Still using AVG myself (the free basic one, not that 'all encompassing' version they try to push on you).

Just make sure to completely uninstall Norton before installing another anti-virus program. They tend to not get along with each other.


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I would get MSE, Malwarebytes, and AVG.

Side note: I lol'd when I typed "Malwarebytes" and saw that the forums gave me the red underline. When I right clicked the word it gave me the word "Bloatwares" to fix it to.


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AVG is bad. Avast is bad. Please, just get MSE. The combination of Malwarebytes and MSE is deadly.

The reason I think AVG and Avast is bad is because of their UI, seriously, why would you want some orange thing in the corner of your screen spinning? MSE just doesn't bother you and is lightweight as *dance*.