Tribes weapon skins in Legions?


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lets see:

Disc = RL, so, no point
Tribes nade launcher is spamtastic, L:O is a huge improvement
Mortar, excessively excessive splash
shocklance, meh

why am i going on...

I'll stick with L:O weapons and leave Tribes in the past.


Legions Developer
lol all it does is skin over the original model, I can make disc launcher and make it shoot discs yet it will still be rocket launcher to everyone else.. less they have shape file and skin file.

id least like to see the tribes 2 disc launcher.. i looked at the others and they are way too 8 bit for me haha.
You have to admit, your title is very misleading. It would be nice to see blue discs as rockets though, I support!
Edit: Oh look, you changed it.


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I would love to see all the skins exported. Tribes1 and Tribes2 if possible. Would pick T1 DL and LR anyday over Legions ones! Dooeet, pls! :)


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I would use tribes skins and nothing else if they were available. Especially if the rocket was a disc.


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well in reality its taking the legions shape file and replacing it with tribes shape file, pretty simple but can be done.

I will do some trails first then I'll start manipulating weapons


To be honest I'd enjoy seeing the T2 disc launcher. If only for giggles. I'd really appreciate it if you did make the modifications.


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sorry folks, but won't work on public servers. They must have some code that varifies the model data when its online. My guess is if your hosting a server you can theoretically have additonal weapons... a mod if you will.



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Well the other possibility is I don't have all the nodes mapped out, anyone know if there ever was any 3ds max files released for editing purposes for legions? I can access them through torque but no way importing the node stuff. torquenodes.jpg